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Use our in-house digital marketing team to accelerate your progress, deliver immediate results and most importantly, help you Grow your business.

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Providing digital marketing services nowadays isn’t enough. Small business owners, marketing managers and consultants are looking for easier/better ways to manage their business, far beyond outsourcing lead generation.

Lifecycle Stages



Improve Marketing PerformanceMarketing Team
Create, execute, and measure automated lead scoring and nurturing campaigns, deliver the right message at the right time, and convert more clicks into customers.


Improve Competitive Advantage MD DC VASales Team
Shorten your sales cycle, automatically qualify web leads, focus sales efforts with real-time lead scoring and close deals faster with actionable insights.


Improve Customer Experience MD DC VAService Team
Provide a great experience for customers that builds loyalty and make customers happier faster through the consistent delivery of positive interactions.



Learn more about Aiden Marketing’s end-to-end data-driven strategies to create engagement, personalized experiences, integrate data, and optimize online interactions that attract and retain ideal customers.

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Strategic Planning

Improve processes and performance for increased growth with innovative and creative strategies, plans and controls to optimize the return on your investment.

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Campaign Implementation Strategy

Campaign Implementation

Increase top and bottom line growth by improving execution and efficiencies of end-to-end, data-driven campaigns and programs.

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Data Integration Strategy

Data Integration

Connect customer profile data from different sources into a single, unified view to produce effective, actionable business intelligence.

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Customer Acquisition Strategy Icon

Customer Acquisition

Gain new customers at a reduced cost, through accurately targeting them anywhere online and offline.

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Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience

Explore new ways to build and maintain trusted customer relationships across touch points to increase loyalty.

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Analytics and Reporting

Marketing Analytics

Demonstrate your value by measuring performance against a clearer image of overall goals and objectives.

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How We Work

Analysis. Design. Implementation.

Modern marketers choose Aiden Marketing’s Campaign Implementation services to build strong relationships with their customers. Our team utilizes a data-driven approach to attract and retain loyal customers for our clients. In order to ensure results, all new clients follow this process:

Improve Marketing Performance

Strategy AnalysisPhase 1: Analysis Strategy
We assess your current marketing, sales and customer engagement practices and challenges, then make recommendations for more satisfying customer journeys.


Design StrategyPhase 2: Design and Develop Strategy
We develop strategies to improve client performance and craft powerful messages that attract and emotionally resonate with the right customers.


Implementation CampaignsPhase 3: Implementation Strategy
We execute and measure a custom marketing strategy for your business to accelerate progress, deliver immediate impact, and achieve business growth goals within budget and on time.


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Delivering Results

Solving business problems like yours, for businesses like yours.

It’s time for digital marketing agencies to help you solve problems, not just trying to sell you stuff. We’ve increased ROI and improved marketing performance for hundreds of B2B and B2C companies, NGO and non-profit organizations, federal and state government agencies in the Baltimore Maryland-Washington DC metropolitan area and beyond.

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Our approach to business is simple: work hard, add value, respect people, exceed expectations and deliver results.

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