Polished Pebbles

A life-enhancing girls mentoring program that focuses on communication skills, confidence & career exploration

Polished Pebbles
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Why choose us?

Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program, which helps African-American girls resolve conflicts non-violently by teaching effective communication, career and life skills, contacted Aiden Marketing to develop a more receptive website redesign to better tell their success stories as well as build brand awareness.

Polished Pebbles website did not represent their real impact within south side Chicago. So many more girls needed to be reached, and yet the website was not attracting or converting visitors to enroll.

Using the Polished Pebbles brand, with a stated purpose of unlocking girls’ potential – we introduce the nonprofit’s unique approach to improving communication skills. Taking Polished Pebbles successful mentoring program’s experience to the digital realm, we were able to reach girls, parents, educators and potential donors throughout Chicago and beyond.


We made the prospect of learning new skills so appealing,  young girls soon understood the power of education and communication. Once certain milestones were achieved we advised Polished Pebbles CEO and team on ways to build capacity and improve infrastructure as they continued to encourage their girls to keep learning.

On top of this, we designed a highly successful digital marketing package including website redesign, social media management, and lead generation techniques that served as the foundation. This process began with a complete audit of Polished Pebbles current website, marketing, and fundraising goals as well as creating engaging content for storytelling. Our digital strategies focused on different touch points to show how the girls achieved success in greater depth.