We personalize campaigns and programs for each client’s stage priorities.

The next three stages – Use, Ask and Engage.

Describe the post-sales portion of the customer’s journey including the way they use products, ask for support and engage with your brand.


Customer Experience

Loyalty and Advocacy Stage

During this stage, the goal of these after-the-sale customer tactics is to deliver distinct value for customers and gain your share of value in return. True customer experience is all about building meaningful, memorable and emotional relationships between your customer and your organization. In simple words, it’s all about serving your customers rightly and royally.

Optimize customer lifetime value and Grow bottom-line revenue

Our Customer Experience Strategy analyzes data and analytics based on purchase, engagement patterns, preferences and feedback to define targeted segments and design personalized experiences and offers to keep customers wanting more. Boost growth measures and increase the overall value of current customers with incremental sales from monetizing existing customers. You can’t rely on customers to proactively let you know when it’s a good time to sell them something.

Through renew/up-sell, cross-sell or transform first-time buyers into repeat customers. And maybe expand the scope of products and services they buy from you and new sales from word of mouth advocacy. Through the consistent delivery of positive interactions. The marketing and sales teams may begin assessing future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


We help you answering critical questions such as:

  • How smooth was the sales process?
  • What kind of ongoing support have customers received, if any?
  • Do you know their preferred channels of interaction and are you making that easy for them?
  • Do you understand how interactions lead to poor customer experiences and unacceptable retention
  • Are you tailoring new offers to address their unique needs?
  • Are customers demonstrating their satisfaction by recommending your brand to others?
  • Is acquisition targeting the wrong customers, which can lead to a lower retention rate?

Key Capabilities

Retention & Expansion Tactics

Customer-SuccessCustomer Experience
Differentiate your brand by providing a great experience for customers that turn first-time buyers into repeat customers through the consistent delivery of positive interactions.


Reduce CostsGrow Revenue
Optimize customer lifetime value and revenue with incremental sales from monetizing existing customers.


Reduce ChurnRetention and Churn
Uncover not only the journeys that result in fewer renewals/lower customer retention, but insights that signal areas that need immediate improvement to reduce churn.


Retargeting AdsTargeting Accounts
Have visibility into who their most profitable customers are, where they came from, and how to find more like them.


Improve Your EfficiencyIncrease Efficiency and Reduce cost
We work across business to identify journeys that hinder customer experience and decreasing cost to serve.

Retention & Expansion Tactics

Retention & Expansion Tactics

Retention & Growth Tactics


Advocacy Stage

Audience Segmentation

  • Keep customers engaged and expand their relationship.
  • Examples include lists for related products/services, contract renewal lists, and customer advocate lists.


Cross-sell Campaigns Per Product

  • Automatic assignment of customers to dynamic lists of complementary products/services
  • Series of emails designed to highlight additional offerings of interest, including upgrade options
  • Trackable Media Center links and automations to notify sales reps when leads engage with content


Up-sell Email Campaigns Per Product

  • Post-sale email drip focused on getting customers to upgrade from their initial purchase (e.g. added features, longer-term contracts, additional users/licenses).
  • Trackable Media Center links and automations to notify sales reps when leads engage with content


Welcome/ On-boarding Drips

  • Series of emails to new customers to create a smooth transition from sales to customer support/implementation teams.


Customer Satisfaction Campaigns

  • Series of emails with feedback forms to periodically measure customer satisfaction levels
  • Automatic segmentation of customers who are advocates or at-risk of attriting with notifications to internal team members for follow-up


Customer Advocacy & Referral Campaigns

  • Automatic assignment of customers with high lead scores and/or satisfaction scores to “brand advocates” lists
  • Series of emails encouraging them to write a product review, refer a colleague, etc.
  • Landing page with referral form will automatically create new contact record, then trigger a thank you email to referring customer and intro email to the new contact


Renewal Campaigns Per Product

  • Automated notifications to renewals team when contracts/subscriptions are about to expire
  • Series of emails to customer designed to get them to renew and/or to setup meetings with sales to discuss business needs