Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Demonstrate your value to the organization by measuring performance efforts against a clearer image of overall goals and objectives.

Our marketing analytics and reporting strategy measures and analyses marketing performance progress towards your goals and helps you to confidently answer important business questions that optimize marketing strategies toward maximum profitability, specifically around allocating resources appropriately.

Get the results you’re after and make informed decisions, improve accuracy, efficiency and response time based on reliable, relevant data and powerful analytics. Gain answers to which marketing activities are working, which ones aren’t and put performance data insights into recommended actions, while you learn how to plan, test and manage your marketing programs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Marketing Analytics Benefits

Marketing Analytics and Reporting Benefits


  • Closed-loop campaign reporting to understand how marketing activities and campaigns are driving pipeline, revenue, and ROI
  • Campaign engagement reporting to analyze which channels and offers generate the most interest, engagement, and conversion
  • Website analytics reporting for insight into website demand generation performance, including who is on the site and how they convert
  • Database health reporting to help diagnose the health of the marketing database, including growth or shrinkage rates, activity rate of various segments, and record completion
  • Sales performance report enables you to ensure your sales team is on track to meet
  • Compliance reporting gives visibility on what automated tasks are being completed and rescheduled

Analytics Reporting

Our team brings extensive experience in ROI measurement and tools to understand, improve, optimize, and measure marketing strategies. We customized solutions to measure sales lift, customer acquisition, customer retention, lead generation, and advertising, to improve marketing ROI.


Results you can expect:

  • Visibility into what’s working and what’s not
  • Higher customer and prospect loyalty
  • Improved customer acquisition
  • Reduce wasteful spending
  • Stronger marketing ROI
  • Clearer image of goals and objectives


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