Our Process: 8 Pillars of Inbound Marketing Success

inbound marketing process access the current state

We determine the current state of marketing in your company by assessing your needs, collecting metrics on current (and past) efforts, and performing a competitive analysis in order to develop strategies that will yield the most optimization for reaching your business goals.

reaching your business goals

strategy baltimore md

We start with your business goals from the very beginning when we put together a strategic marketing plan for all of your digital, inbound and offline marketing efforts.

digital, inbound marketing efforts

content marketing baltimore md

We develop captivating stories and visual content resources that attract and retain qualified leads and helps to convert them into customers.

design captivating content



inbound marketing process

Assets such as your website, blog, SEO, email and social media provide the platform – we provide the compelling content and implement strategies to yield desired results.

implement campaign strategies

baltimore md

We connect your company to new prospects through multichannel marketing — attracting them with compelling content and filling the sales funnel with new leads.

demand distribution strategy baltimore md

lead management baltimore md

Lead management is to ensure there is a link between marketing and sales. Tracking customer engagements and qualify the best leads for sales. Identifying exactly how marketing can reduce the sales-cycle time and nurture prospects to action.

Marketing Automation allows  your content to reach your buyer at the right time in the buying cycle. We provide an automated lead nurturing system that stays engaged with leads, of qualified buyers that are not yet ready to speak with your sales staff, beyond the initial conversion.

engaged with leads

inbound marketing crm

We connect your company to new prospects through integrated marketing. Attracting them with compelling content and filling the sales funnel with new leads.

We enable marketing and sales teams to work smarter and more effectively together by providing CRM-based lead intelligence to help them optimize the sale process and close more deals.CRM Management shorten sales cycles

baltimore md

Evaluate every marketing process in terms of impact on revenue generation.

Marketing Analysis & Reporting Plan