Campaign Implementation

Performance stage centers on results.

We primarily collaborate with clients in three main areas.

Clients can leverage the power of digital marketing to its fullest potential through our Analysis, Design, and Implementation strategy.


Step 1: Analysis

During the Campaign planning phase, we clarify campaign targets to address specific geographies, industries, behaviors, existing audience, and channels. By determining the right informational content and program tactics, we can effectively support campaign efforts across various customer segments and channels, ensuring that campaign themes and messages are tailored to meet the needs of marketing, sales, support, and market insights. The success of your overall marketing strategy relies on aligning these crucial and often overlooked support activities that support customer value. Focus on these five areas.


People CapabilitiesPeople
This will help you determine what to do, when to do it and if you are allocating your people, money, and time correctly against the revenue growth opportunities available to you.


Operational ProcessesProcess
Assessing execution helps you design a winning customer strategy to target, engage and grow the customer base. This will help you determine how to reach desired outcomes.


Operational DataData
Develop an implementation plan with timeline, deliverables, tasks, roles and costs that when put into use will result in accelerated revenue growth.


Assessing execution helps you design a winning customer strategy to target, engage and grow the database. This will help you determine how to reach desired outcomes.


Operational MessagingOperational MessagingDeliverable
Finally, we combine all of our findings into a deliverable that both summarizes our assessment and maps a suggested path to capitalize on opportunities identified.

Strategy Analysis


Step 2: Design

Campaign Development

We execute a prioritized list of tactics, technologies, and solutions to attract key audiences, convert prospects, and drive growth. By integrating Marketing Automation into your sales CRM and marketing technology, we provide an integrated view of your customers, optimizing your website and implementing essential tools for expert execution of digital marketing campaigns.


Included in Strategic Planning:

Story Building and Design

Step 3: Implementation and Measure

Achieving better outcomes and streamlining operations.

We execute strategies, measure performance, and drive revenue growth while enhancing your organizational structure. Now is the time to put your marketing plan into action and evaluate its effectiveness. We have the skills and resources to carry out the plan and prioritize tactics based on customer understanding. We consistently measure success and adjust campaigns based on market response, enhancing results and sustainability.


30 Days Time Frame

  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness
  • Budgeting
  • Tracking & Performance
  • Marketing Results
  • Adapt activities based on performance
  • Workplace Collaboration
  • Operational Excellence
  • Personalization
  • Training

Strategy Implementation

Digital Marketing Agency Process

How We Gets Work Done

The Scrum Model

We uses the Scrum Method, breaking big projects into smaller sprints completed within set time periods. They follow a weekly sprint schedule, starting on Thursday and ending the following Thursday. Tasks are added to the backlog on Wednesdays and assigned to the team on Thursdays. All tasks in the sprint are finished by the next Thursday. If a task is too big, it is broken down into smaller subtasks completed over multiple sprints, ensuring consistent progress every week.

How We Work

Results-Driven Delivery Model

Our delivery approach prioritizes results and accountability. You will have an Account Manager working to develop a tailored strategy based on your preferences and market insights. During your weekly meetings we will follow a standardized process to stay on track and address any questions. We will review all activities on the dashboard to ensure timely completion of tasks and communicate any necessary adjustments to everyone involved.

How can I begin?

Let’s start with a chat.

We’ll listen to your goals and challenges through our complimentary marketing assessment. Once we know your objectives, we’ll collaborate with you to create a marketing strategy tailored to your company’s specific needs.


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