Digital Marketing Packages Pricing

Pricing and Packages Built Around Your Business Goals.

Our digital marketing packages and pricing that can be customized to meet the unique goals of each client. We offer flexible solutions to assist clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

Startup Package
$829/ mo.
Perfected for the startup organizations that is looking to get consultation, implementations and project management for free.

No incremental charges or invoices, in other words, we simply take care of everything for one monthly fee. We don’t bill based on hours and tasks. All-Inclusive. Active help incl. external systems & API integrations. Max 100,000 contacts.


  • Weekly help via screen share (training, consultation, joint work)
  • Support covers all features, and integrations
  • Your own experienced project manager with API and integration skills
  • On-boarding and active help to get started with Digital Marketing
  • Migration of all data, pages and forms from other systems
  • Custom newsletter and landing page templates
  • Custom integration with anything supported by Zapier or PieSync
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Customization of external systems (for example Google Data Studio or Microsoft Dynamics)

*These are paid in advance directly to the license provider.

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Launch Package
$3,100/ mo.
Designed for the growing small business that is looking to increase qualified leads in order to meet sales targets.

  • 12-month revenue goal of 15-25%
  • Requires above average level of service
  • Strategic Planning
  • Meetings – 1/week
  • Software Platform Training

Type of Service / Feature Launch Package
Initial Automation Software Setup
Website Optimization 10 Website Pages
Business Blogging 4-5 per month
Social Media Management 3 Social Platforms
& 1 – 3 Statues Updates
Video Marketing
Premium Content Marketing 2 per month
Contacts & Database Setup
Marketing Automation
Lead Scoring
Salesforce / CRM Integration

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Designed for the expanding business that needs a significant lead generation in order to capture a larger market share and gain new revenues and profit.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Aggressive shift in revenue growth required (Over 25% / +$300K)
  • Requires a maximum level of service
  • Requires aggressive budget commitment
  • Sales Enablement Live Training

Type of Service / Feature Launch Package
Initial Act-On Software Setup
Website Development & Optimization 20 Website Pages
SEO Blogging 10 – 12 per month
Social Media Management All Social Platforms
Unlimited Statues Updates
Video and Podcast
Premium Content Marketing 10 – 12 per month
Contacts & Database Setup
Marketing Automation
Lead Scoring
Salesforce / CRM Integration

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Digital Marketing Questions

  • What are my requirements when working with Aiden Marketing?

    Please assign a person who can make decisions to work with Aiden Marketing. This person should be responsible for giving feedback and information on time. It is important for this person to attend all scheduled meetings in order to meet the agreed-upon goals and timelines. Within the first 5 business days after starting the project, please give Aiden Marketing access to your website, analytics data, and social media accounts if you have them.

  • What happens during the initial on-boarding call?

    You will receive 1-hour on-boarding phone call with Aiden Marketing’s Account Manager and either the CEO or CXO. The purpose of this call is to introduce you to your Account Manager, examine your brand and value proposition, identify the personas of your audience, discuss your pricing strategy, finalize your marketing goals, and have initial conversations of the digital marketing activities required to achieve your goals. You will receive an agenda before the call and receive a recap email following the call.

  • Can I expect guaranteed results?

    We don’t have a magic wand, so we can’t guarantee results. However, we can assure you that digital marketing is the most effective way to increase website traffic, convert leads, and speed up the sales process. Aiden Marketing is a top digital marketing agency in Baltimore and Washington DC. We have clients who have achieved positive outcomes, and we can provide references during our discussions. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will focus on achieving your desired results. Our account managers only handle a few accounts, so they will prioritize your needs. We will do everything possible to generate results for you and become your marketing partner. If we don’t believe we can achieve your goals within your timeline and budget, we won’t take on your account. We want all our clients to have a positive experience.

  • When I agree to work with Aiden Marketing on a monthly package, am I locked in for 6-months?

    Not at all. The duration of our monthly package agreements is for 6-months, but you can cancel at anytime by delivering Aiden Marketing a written notice of cancellation. We believe in our process and our services. However, if at anytime your feel that Aiden Marketing is not a right fit for your company, we’re not going to hold you hostage.

  • How many hours to you allocate to my campaign on a monthly basis?

    Great question. We don’t work on a billable hour model. The activities needed to achieve your marketing goals are outlined in your Digital Marketing Plan and when you we agree to start a monthly retainer with Aiden Marketing, we agree that we can help you achieve those goals within that given timeline. Our monthly implementation services have been developed for us to be an extension of your marketing team, not an out-sourced contractor, and achieving your goals are as important to us as they are to you. Wouldn’t you rather have a partner dedicated to your priorities rather than billing you for hours worked? If you want to discuss your goals and get price on what it would cost for us to help you achieve them, schedule your free marketing assessment with one of our consultants.

  • My industry is complicated, how is Aiden Marketing going to create content for my company?

    For some industries, the development of specialized content is a joint effort between the client and Aiden Marketing. Creating content on a regular basis is critical to the success of any inbound marketing campaign. At Aiden Marketing, we’re experienced in working with companies in complicated and niche industries. Some of the ways we help make your life easier is by transcribing your thoughts into optimized blog articles and whitepapers. We will assist you in the creation of videos and webinars, interview you and other industry influencers, build posts sharing tips, quotes, and examples, design infographics and other types of visual content, edit and optimize the content you send over to us, distribute your content on your behalf, and do pretty much whatever else it takes to help you create content on a regular basis as outlined in your Digital Marketing Plan. If you want to discuss how we can help you create content for your company, schedule your free marketing assessment.

  • Who writes the blog articles?

    Aiden Marketing offers a variety of blog article creation services. When determining who is going to create content for you, we’ll assess what makes the most sense. We can develop topics and write articles on your behalf, work with you to transcribe your thoughts into optimized blog articles, optimize your scheduled blog content, or simply train you to do it yourself. Our job is to help you maximize your resources and supplement with what you need to reach your marketing goals.

  • How do I know which package and pricing is right for me?

    As you can tell, our pricing model is not based on billable hours. We price every program based on what is required to help you achieve your business goals. To do that, our marketing consultants will take a snap shot of the current state of your business and identify the level that is right for you. We then customize every program to meet your unique needs.

    The following criteria determines which retainer program is right for you:

    •    Amount of Content Creation Required
    •    Amount of Available Marketing Materials
    •    Level of Involvement from Client
    •    Size of Client’s Audience
    •    Technical Expertise of Client
    •    Third-party Integration Requirements
    •    Website Modification Requirements
    •    Client’s Social Media Involvement
    •    Previous Year’s Revenue Trend
    •    Desired Revenue Growth Goal
    •    Level of Custom Reporting
    •    Level of Traffic Improvement Required
    •    Number of Leads Required
    •    Level of Required Training
    •    Marketing Automation Requirements
    •    Competitiveness of Industry

    To get a better understanding of which retainer program is right for you, schedule a free assessment with one of our consultants.

  • Do I need a CRM to work with Aiden Marketing?

    No, but it certainly helps. By implementing a CRM into your marketing activities, we’re able to better align sales and marketing activities, thus improving the performance of both. An integrated CRM will provide the sales team with lead intelligence, a lead score, and a breakdown of a lead’s activity with the companies marketing efforts. The marketing team will be provided with closed loop data to help better understand the activities and channels that are driving leads and customers as well as the ability to better personalize a lead’s marketing experience. It will also synchronize your contact database on a real-time basis, meaning a single, always up-to-date, sales and marketing database. We prefer, but we can also help you integrate other CRM’s such as SugarCRM, ZoHo CRM, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

  • Why does it take three steps to get started?

    At Aiden Marketing, we believe in taking a very methodological approach to digital marketing. We’ve developed a 3–Step process to ensure your campaign is strategically planned out, properly developed, optimized, and effectively ran to ensure you’re hitting your benchmarks on a month-by-month basis.


    This will help you determine what to do, when to do it and if you are allocating your people, money, and time correctly against the revenue growth opportunities available to you.


    Assessing execution helps you design a winning customer strategy to target, engage and grow the customer base. This will help you determine how to reach desired outcomes.


    Implementation CampaignsImplementation
    Develop an implementation plan with time line, deliverables, tasks, roles and costs that when put into use will result in accelerated revenue growth.

  • What are great industries for digial marketing?

    Home Improvement, Ecommerce, Education, Health Care, Mortgage Agencies, Non-Profits, Professional Services, Manufacturers, Marketing Agencies, Software, Travel Agencies, Consultants, Contractors, Communications Companies, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal Services, Medical.

  • Is Marketing Automation right for my industry?

    Probably. If you’re the type of business that needs leads, has a well defined sales process, a sales team (of any size), and needs help both generating more leads and organizing their sales opportunities with a CRM, you’re a perfect fit for inbound marketing. But it doesn’t stop there, even if you don’t exactly fit that description above, you can still implement inbound marketing best practices for driving traffic, converting visitors, and nurturing to drastically boost your results.

  • How long does it take to get results?

    Most digital marketing campaigns take 6-9 months to start seeing a return on your marketing investment. The biggest factor in contributing to how fast or slow you see results is how much content you create on a regular basis. If you create 4 blog articles and one piece of premium content per month, your results are going to be slower than if you create 30 blog articles and 10 pieces of premium content per month. At Aiden Marketing, we do everything to best practices and take no shortcuts. Please understand that digital marketing takes time and results don’t happen overnight, but it is the best and most effective method for proving your expertise, improving your brand visibility, engaging with your target audience, and driving leads and customers. If you don’t believe us, please do your own research, there are plenty of reports and studies that back this up. If you would like an analysis to see what it will take for you to achieve your goals, schedule your free advice call.

What our customers say

  • In my experience working with the Aiden Marketing team, we were able to meet a finite need within budget. We reached our short term goals with Aiden’s help. I would recommend Aiden Marketing on a scale of 10 out of 10.  
    Michelle Boyle, St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, VP - Development and Marketing
  • "This will surely separate me from my competitors and drive a lot of traffic to my business. Aiden Marketing is the best! I would recommend them to anyone who's looking to grow a business brand. I will be doing more business with this company. Thanks again!
    Quintin Moody - CEO/Pres, World Class Auto Detail
  • The content marketing was awesome. As a small non-profit organization, it was awesome to have professional digital marketing services added to my infrastructure via Aiden Marketing. It helped to build our capacity as a business.
    Kelly Fair, Founder & Executive Director, Polished Pebbles
  • I did work with Aiden during the past year and I can unequivocally state that they are very hard workers and on top of their game. They are always accessible as well.
    Jack Bragin, Boca Beauty Academy
  • "The website design makeover that Aiden Marketing provided for us, along with social media management services, generated a 70% increase in leads for our DNA paternity and immigration services."
    Noelle Johnson - Director of Marketing, BRT Laboratories, Inc.
  • Other website designers who I asked to closely look at our website critically for comments mentioned that the overall appearance was very elegant and attractive, and the hook-up with the payment platform was efficiently done. Consequently, I am pleased to recommend Aiden Marketing for both design for advertising, and website development.
    Ray Carrier - VP & Operations Manager, EZ Bike Rides