Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Demonstrate your value to the organization by measuring performance efforts against a clearer image of overall goals and objectives.

Our marketing data and analytics reporting strategy offers the tools to understand, improve, optimize, and measure marketing strategies. In order to optimize your performance, we provide reporting, tracking strategies, and marketing analytics based on a data driven approach to make better budget decisions to improve your return on investment ROI.


  • Campaign Reporting to understand how marketing activities and programs are driving pipeline, revenue, and ROI
  • ROI Analytics – Measure leads, customers generated, pipeline, revenue, investment, and ROI by marketing channel or program
  • Web Analytics reporting for insight into website demand generation performance, including who is on the site and how they convert
  • Database health reporting to help diagnose the health of the marketing database, including growth or shrinkage rates, activity rate of various segments, and record completion
  • Use anonymous company look-up to identify anonymous visitors


Results you can expect:

  • Visibility into what’s working and what’s not
  • Higher customer and prospect engagement
  • Improved customer acquisition
  • Reduce wasteful spending
  • Stronger marketing ROI
  • Clearer image of goals and objectives


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Data Analytics Reporting Strategy