Improve Internal Operations And Decision-Making Processes.


Identify And Understand Donor Behavior.

Integrate Data Into A Single View Of Information

Our data integration strategy combines prospect data from various sources and integrates accurate contact data for a complete view of donors and prospects. This information can then be used to understand your donors better, nonprofits can create targeted outreach campaigns that resonate with your audience, leading to increased donor satisfaction and enhance the overall donor experience.


  • Database A central repository for profile information; the system can track, aggregate and manage the demographics, interactions, behaviors and interests of every prospect, lead, and customer are stored

  • Targeting Data about their interests and needs are needed. Key prospect and customer data at the contact, demographic, social, and company levels enables marketing organizations to provide relevant information at appropriate phases in the buy cycle

  • Buyer Personas come complete with detailed behavioral tracking information, demographics, and user behavior, all of which help you personalize the customer experiences

  • Dynamic List Lists focused on important lead activity and additional information collected using progressive-profiling forms that automatically update when leads meet criteria for advanced targeting

  • Connected Contact Profile Leverage customer data within to build market segmentation strategies, developing content marketing, a better understanding of the types of content to send to potential buyers: information that is reflective of their phase in the buying processes

Single view of data

Data-driven Insights

Identify Market Trends And Opportunities.

Improve strategies proactively to optimize fundraising opportunities and reduce waste.

Analyzing external data sources like social media and competitor data, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of the online landscape. This information can be used to identify emerging fundraising trends, anticipate donor demands, and stay ahead of the competition.

Case Study

Data Integration Case Study

Automated Campaigns Increased Mentor Recruitment by 34%.

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