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Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our History

At Aiden Marketing, we embarked on a journey in 2012 with a common goal – to revolutionize the way small to mid-size organizations and associations approach marketing in the digital era. Through meticulously planned, developed, and executed marketing programs, we empower businesses to achieve more sales, leads, signups, and conversions. As time went by, we evolved into a dynamic agency that combines digital marketing, sales, and consulting expertise. Our team of passionate professionals brings a wealth of experience from various industries, enabling us to help businesses thrive online and embrace the future with confidence.

Unleashing Potential

Our vision is to empower businesses and individuals to challenge the norm and unlock their full potential. By transforming data into actionable insights, we enable maximum performance impact for our clients, their customers, and the world at large. We believe in equipping businesses with the tools they need to disrupt the market and achieve remarkable success.

Driving Growth, Igniting Success

Our mission is to accelerate competitive advantage and foster sustainable growth for small-to-medium businesses. We strive for marketing excellence in the digital age, equipping our clients with the strategies and tactics they need to triumph in the ever-evolving landscape. With our expertise and dedication, we help businesses win and thrive in the dynamic world of marketing.

Why Choose Us?

We help organizations and associations expand their market presence by developing and implementing tactics that foster lasting relationships with their online target audience. Digital marketing is our passion! We are always keeping up with the ever-changing digital world to tackle marketing obstacles head-on with our innovative strategies that bring people, processes, and technology together for a successful digital transformation. Our services are based on audience data and behavior analysis to drive customer growth, enhance experiences, boost efficiency, and increase revenue.


What We Do

We collaborate closely with our client’s internal teams to utilize our team’s unique skillset to drive growth through strategic marketing programs. Our approach to managing digital marketing efforts includes four key components:


  • Fostering customer engagement by developing innovative ways to build strong relationships and enhance the customer experience
  • Digitizing products and services by launching new offerings and exploring new business models
  • Facilitating better-informed decision-making by improving access to information for timely and effective data-driven decisions
  • Enhancing operational performance by leveraging technology to optimize processes


We tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs and strengths, ensuring that our engagements deliver short-term benefits, foster organizational adoption, and establish lasting capabilities.

Who We Serve

Ever since our establishment in 2012, Aiden Marketing has consistently proven itself as a dependable and trustworthy partner for businesses across the country. We take immense pride in the positive influence we have had on various sectors including B2B and B2C companies, healthcare, education, insurance, non-profit organizations, government entities, and GovCon organizations.

Meet Our Team:

At Aiden Marketing, our team is comprised of skilled storytellers (writers), talented graphic designers, branding experts, innovative inbound marketing strategists, proficient website and mobile app developers, SEO and PPC specialists, creative videographers, talented illustrators, and many more!



Our Values

Stimulate Growth:

At Aiden Marketing, we believe in going above and beyond to meet your expectations as a client in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering outstanding results for your business, focusing on ROI and revenue growth. With a wealth of knowledge and experience across various industries, our visionary marketers are here to provide you with an exceptional experience. We understand what matters most to CEOs – increasing revenues and building lasting customer relationships.


Passion, innovation, and courage are the driving forces behind Aiden Marketing. We believe in pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box to achieve success for both our clients and ourselves. With a strong foundation built on these principles, we consistently deliver extraordinary results.


At Aiden Marketing, we know that teamwork is the key to success. Our diverse and talented team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every client project. We foster a fun and collaborative environment that encourages creative thinking and innovative ideas. Our culture of teamwork and continuous learning ensures that we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Integrity is at the core of our relationship with our clients at Aiden Marketing. We believe in working together, employing a disciplined approach, and building trust to achieve the right solutions. By collaborating closely with you, our valued client, we can quickly implement effective strategies that yield stunning results. Our commitment to excellence is aimed at fostering long-term business relationships with the clients we serve.

Our Services / Capabilities


Digital Marketing
Marketing Automation
Social Media Marketing & Management
Website Design & Redesign
Content Marketing



Our Team

  • Mark Duncan


    A diverse background in sales, marketing, and technology for over 25 years. He has the perfect balance of skills for developing and overseeing the execution of inbound marketing strategy. Mark additionally serves as the Creative Director for our agency with 20 in branding, graphic design, and media buys.

  • Kevin Calhoun

    Brand Management

    As the leader of our brand management team, Kevin has a passion for creating and managing social media and content marketing strategies.

  • Ervin Murfree

    Business Development

What our clients say about us

  • "This will surely separate me from my competitors and drive a lot of traffic to my business. Aiden Marketing is the best! I would recommend them to anyone who's looking to grow a business brand. I will be doing more business with this company. Thanks again!
    Quintin Moody - CEO/Pres, World Class Auto Detail
  • I did work with Aiden during the past year and I can unequivocally state that they are very hard workers and on top of their game. They are always accessible as well.
    Jack Bragin, Boca Beauty Academy
  • In my experience working with the Aiden Marketing team, we were able to meet a finite need within budget. We reached our short term goals with Aiden’s help. I would recommend Aiden Marketing on a scale of 10 out of 10.  
    Michelle Boyle, St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, VP - Development and Marketing
  • "The website design makeover that Aiden Marketing provided for us, along with social media management services, generated a 70% increase in leads for our DNA paternity and immigration services."
    Noelle Johnson - Director of Marketing, BRT Laboratories, Inc.
  • Other website designers who I asked to closely look at our website critically for comments mentioned that the overall appearance was very elegant and attractive, and the hook-up with the payment platform was efficiently done. Consequently, I am pleased to recommend Aiden Marketing for both design for advertising, and website development.
    Ray Carrier - VP & Operations Manager, EZ Bike Rides
  • The content marketing was awesome. As a small non-profit organization, it was awesome to have professional digital marketing services added to my infrastructure via Aiden Marketing. It helped to build our capacity as a business.
    Kelly Fair, Founder & Executive Director, Polished Pebbles