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Aiden Marketing won a contract to provide website design and development for the African American Male Engagement (AAME) – Baltimore is a division of the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success. In a city where positive change is needed more than ever, AAME plays a crucial role in making a difference. Its primary goal is to promote awareness, accessibility, and accountability among the African American male population in Baltimore. But what sets AAME apart? It’s their ability to build strong and meaningful relationships with men. The key components of M186 include the Fishers of Men program, which focuses on direct, personal interactions between men, the AMME Connect Centers that provide ongoing support and resources, and collaborations with various community partners.




What We Did:


  • Website Design
  • CTAs Landing pages and Form
  • Outreach campaign
  • Data Integration
  • Data Collection
  • Data quality
  • Lead routing
  • Send the right message to the right person at the right time

African American Male Engagement Case Study


Our project aims to create a strong digital presence for the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of African-American Male Engagement, supporting the 186,000 African-American boys and men in Baltimore through website design and mobile app development. To reach our diverse target audience, we will employ various outreach strategies for maximum engagement. We will also implement robust data collection methods and quality control measures to ensure accurate information on the African-American male population in Baltimore. By digitizing contact capture processes and developing user-friendly features, we will streamline communication and make it more efficient. Our focus is on delivering targeted messages through a user-friendly website and mobile app to effectively communicate the agency’s initiatives, programs, and resources.


Design and development of a culturally sensitive web design.

The AAME’s strategy revolves around designing and developing a culturally sensitive web design to enhance communication effectively. By considering diverse backgrounds and sensitivities, the organization ensures the website is accessible and user-friendly for all. The AAME also introduced a comprehensive monthly newsletter to share updates, news, and important announcements with the audience, keeping them well-informed and engaged conveniently. This newsletter covers a wide range of topics relevant to the organization’s goals, including updates on projects, success stories, upcoming events, articles, volunteer opportunities, and more. Through these strategies, the AAME aims to maximize outreach, ensure effective dissemination of information, foster better understanding, engagement, and promote its cause more effectively.


AAME recognized the importance of tailoring their outreach initiatives in order to forge deep connections with African American males. By placing a strong emphasis on engagement, actively listening to their unique requirements, and fostering avenues for participation, AAME is fostering profound and lasting bonds that go beyond mere assistance. These relationships not only contribute to the growth of AAME, but also instill a sense of purpose and optimism in black males, as they know that there is someone available to assist them in making a meaningful difference.

Website and Newsletter
Aiden Marketing began by developing and designing a website optimized for conversions. That’s why we take the time upfront to optimize your website to generate more interest and convert website traffic into a contact.

Centralized prospect profile information, collected through web forms, lists, social media, online and offline registrations. The agency was up and running within a month. By introducing video content on its website combined with monthly newsletters, AAME now maintains regular, active engagement with more than 20% of its contacts.

Website Conversion 20%

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