Content Marketing Package Pricing

Content Marketing Package Pricing That’s Built Around Your Company’s Goals

Our packages and rates are always priced according to the client’s level of services needed. Your success is our success, so we customize our content marketing packages to achieve satisfaction of your number one concern … Profitability.

Consider Us An Extension of Your Marketing Team

We take the time to get into your head and understanding as much about your business as possible. We ask the right questions – that will reveal things about your company’s marketing and sales process you may have never known. Think of us as an extension of your marketing department. For about the cost of hiring an administrative assistant, you can have our dedicated digital marketing team working to lower the cost to acquire and retain customers.

A few of the benefits we bring:

  • A single agency who is able to expertly handle your content development, design and distribution
  • A single fixed monthly cost with no fees or surprises
  • Content Marketing experts
  • Our in-house team of talent consists of content designers, content writers, mobile & website developers, and digital strategists


Our Content Marketing Package is for:

If you are a small business owner or CEO, VP, CMO or Director of Sales, content marketing service can help you manage expenses, increase your marketing reach above larger competitors and assure your buyers can find your products and services. Our method levels the playing field and gives businesses that have limited marketing and sales resources an opportunity to predictable, profitable revenue growth without drastically increasing their marketing costs or the size of their company.

  • Staff within your company say that writing isn’t their strong point.
  • They don’t have a professional skill set or design team to consistently create eBooks, whitepapers and information graphics.
  • Most of your business comes from cold calling, word-of-mouth referrals or repeat customers.
  • Lack of marketing or spending time and money on the wrong kind of marketing.


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Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

You need a content partner who will do more than relying on a one or two tactic or a couple channels to drive results. Our integrated content marketing strategies significantly improve our clients marketing efforts. By achieving several wins in a number of key areas the collective results can be astounding.



Start your digital marketing campaigns starting less than $85 per day.

Our Content Marketing Solution

We don’t want to talk about outsourcing your content marketing. We want to talk about identifying gaps and opportunities in your marketing and sales process and how you can leverage content marketing package to impact what is most important: your company growth goals.

What's Included in the Content Marketing Plan

Our content marketing plan will identify critical benchmarks for success and layout 6 or 12 months of content marketing tasks to be completed in order to reach these benchmarks.



Included in the Content Marketing Plan is the following:

  • Analysis of Your Current Content Marketing & Brand
  • An Outline of Your Business Goals on Content Marketing
  • A Competitive Analysis
  • Development of Your Value Proposition
  • Development of Your Buyer Personas
  • Definition of Qualified Leads
  • Development of Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Campaign Development Strategy: Tasks Required to Launch Campaign
  • Measurement & Reporting Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Website Optimization Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing Strategy

Our content marketing strategy for your business is completed within the first 30 days. You will always be in the loop from strategy to implementation as our content marketing package includes a new client on-boarding call, weekly status calls, and monthly audit reporting.

What Content Services are Included

Our content marketing package often combine these digital pieces:

  • Content Marketing Audit – This is where we determine all the content assets your team already has, in whatever format or state. (Note: you’ve got a lot more than you think).
  • Content Marketing Strategy
 – In which we determine your business goals, personas, value proposition and opportunities in the market, then we transform them into plan of action, editorial calendars and KPIs.
  • Content Campaign Development
 – Where we develop ideas for compelling content, then we design and package these new stories into powerful content that your prospects will love (and share).
  • Content Distribution
 – Driving your content to audience – and your audience to your content – implementing social media management, blogging, email, seo, ad campaigns… whatever.
  • Lead Nurturing
 – What works is engaging each prospect in a series of ongoing communications, delivering consistent messages and relevant content to inform, educate and nurture along until they’re sales-ready.
  • Analytics
 Reporting – Setting up the right metrics and the best ways to track them, as well as tie campaign efforts back to the types of productivity you ultimately care most about: Traffic, Leads and Customers.

Need more than just content marketing, consider adding the following:

  • Print Design Marketing – Remember print? It’s making a comeback. When all your competitor zig towards digital, you might want to consider a zag that drops something beautiful on to the laps of your prospects. You’d be surprised how surprising that can be.
  • Marketing Automation – Marketing automation and lead nurturing are hugely powerful ways to turn a marketing budget into a proper revenue pipeline. And prove it.  We can work with whatever marketing automation system you’ve got – or recommend the right one for you (and help set it up). Either way, we like building and tracking purchase paths that lead to your sales team’s door. Knock-knock.
*note our team is familiar with most marketing automation tools such as: Act-On, HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft to name a few.

If you’d like to explore what integrated content marketing programs could add to your marketing, talk to us.

Monthly Retainer Services

All retainer packages are customized and priced according to the client’s level of agency services needed.

Once the assets are in place and we begin to start driving traffic, leads, and customers. Our team will work closely with you on a retainer basis to perform content marketing tasks, develop concepts, design visual content, monitor your KPI’s and improve your ROI.

Here are common tasks are performed in out Monthly Retainer Packages:

  • Routine creation of marketing concepts.
  • Modifications and updates to the Content Marketing Plan.
  • Monitoring of Benchmarks Key Performance Indicators.
  • Routine Analysis of Your Marketing.
  • Creation of Campaign Reports
  • Routine reporting on Marketing ROI
  • A/B Testing on Landing Pages and CTA’s.
  • Optimization of Lead Nurturing Campaigns.
  • Creation of new Premium Content, Landing Pages, and CTA’s.
  • Creation of Blogs
  • Ongoing Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Creation & distribution of Visual Content: Infographics and eBooks
  • Content Creation
  • CRM Management & Support.

Monthly Retainer Packages start at $2,500 per month.

We Offer More Value Than Our Competitors

Other content marketing agencies set a limit on the number of work hours you get in a package – we don’t!

You’re aware that the landscape has changed, and have come to the realization that something has to be done. You also realize you don’t have the time or resources. You need help. Our number one goal is to HELP YOU achieve your objectives, not billable hours. We specialize in the “heavy lifting” of content marketing. The development, the distribution, with the integration of your revenue growth goals, all scheduled within a feasible time frame. Quite frankly, we don’t have the time to nit pick about the “hours”.

Our mission is to have you go to bed and sleep like a baby knowing that you made the right investment with Aiden Marketing. Our proven methods and professionalism speak for themselves through measurable results. You can now focus on the bigger picture … what to do with all the new leads in your pipeline.

Integrated Content Marketing Solutions … Designed for the Small to Mid-Size Organization

Like what you hear? There are a few different ways to get started.

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Website Optimization

website-optimizationWebsite Optimization

Website Optimization is critical to getting visitors to organically find your site. We integrate SEO scoring tools on both the page and site level to help you assess the search engine-friendliness of your website pages and blog posts, and track various industry-leading measurable rankings, like your Google PageRank and SEOmoz rankings.

Social Media Management

social-media-managementSocial Media Management

Our social media marketing and community management service is a strategic process of cultivating, engaging and establishing online relationships and online influence with your ideal target market on social media platforms. We amplify your company’s brand presence, increase website traffic, and improve sales; thus, resulting in positive ROI. In addition, no other inbound marketing agency provides your company with a dedicated social media manager to market and manager your brand’s online 24 hrs per day.

Search Engine Optimization

search-engine-optimizationSearch Engine Optimization

Every B2B purchase starts with a search. We help our clients rank highly on the key search terms that drive quality traffic. We do search the hard way: by creating real relevance and authority instead of just simulating it. Talk to us about B2B SEO and how it’s changing.

  • SERP rankings
  • Organic traffic levels,
  • Inbound links
  • Keyword rankings


Business Blogging

business-bloggingBusiness Blogging

In order to get found by the right prospective customers, you must create educational content that speaks to them and answers their questions. and its main supporter is the company blog. The idea behind it is to present yourself to your audience as a thought leader in your industry, demonstrate endearing company culture, and to increase your search rankings by constantly adding valuable targeted content to your website. The “freshness” factor is increasingly important in the world of SEO; therefore, blogging consistently is very important.

Email Marketing

email marketingEmail Marketing

For all the fancy new tactics out there, we still believe in email for opening doors, promoting content, building relationships and generating leads. But the new B2B email marketing is far from the broadcast-style, one-message-fits-all blasts of yesteryear. What works is targeting, nurturing, scoring and measuring.

Visual Content Marketing

visual-content-marketingVisual Content Marketing

Using our content development services, clients have a steady flow of valuable, search engine optimized content for web pages, blogs, white papers, landing pages, videos, email campaigns, presentations, and press releases.

Our content development services include

  • Creating and managing your blog schedule
  • Content for PR, social media, videos, presentations, audibles, downloadable and more
  • Keyword optimization of all content to make it attractive to search engine crawlers

Landing Page


Landing Pages and forms are designed to help you capture pertinent information about a website visitor (like their name, email address, and company) that then makes them a lead. Progressive Profiling can also be set up for use when a lead converts multiple times on your site. Ideal for -book, whitepaper, and other PDF downloads as well as event sign-ups. Landing pages can quickly boost your website conversions.

Content Package Details

Type of Service / Feature Expansion Package
Social Media Needs Assessment
Dedicated Social Media Manager
Social Media Editorial Calendar
Monthly Scheduled Reporting
Weekly Strategy Development Calls
Social Media Platform Artwork
Platform Account Management 4 social platforms managed
Profile Copywriting
Social Media Platform Optimization
Status Updates 3 updates per day
5 days per week
List Management
Audience Building
Social Content Creation & Distribution
Competition Management
24/hr Analytics
Social Media Advertising
Email Marketing
Lead Nurturing Campaigns 1 – 3 per month
Our content marketing services are always customized and are based on specific client needs. $2500 / mo. Minimum 6 month retainer. No set-up Fees. Call 1-410-929-2435 to talk about your needs.