Digital Marketing Revolution 2018
SATURDAY - JULY 28, 2018

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What You Will Learn

Topic #1 - Buyer Personas

Digital Buyer-personas

Many marketers and business owners overlook crafting buyer personas. Don’t be one of them!

  • Discover why false and inaccurate assumptions can kill your marketing campaigns later on
  • Learn how to develop the buyer personas of your target audience
  • Identify the daily challenges, pain points, and motivations of your ideal buyers
  • Position your product or service as a solution to the buyer’s problem

Topic #2 - Lead Generating Websites

Lead Generating Websites

Your website is your most important tool for converting prospects into leads. – Make sure that your website includes elemens of a lead generation website!

  • Dynamic forms allow prospects to willingly provide their contact info & become leads
  • Multiple Call-To-Actions (CTAs) across your site will increase your lead opportunities
  • Landing pages allow you to direct proppects directly to content that meets their needs or answers their questions
  • Visitor Identification & Tracking shows you who is visiting your site, pages visited & indicates their possible interests, pain points, and needs

Topic #3 - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Make your site & content highly relevant for search engines and searchers!

  • Identify the necessary framework elements to make your website SEO-friendly
  • Uncover the importance of keyword research and long-tail keyword strategy
  • Discover why a SEO-performing website is essential to get found for your products or services

Topic #4 - Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing

Maximize the value of social media marketing to increase brand awareness and engagement with potential buyers and current customers!

  • Learn effective, organic social media marketing strategies in this pay-to-play social world
  • Use social listening and #hashtag research to understand what you ideal customers really want
  • Leverage the power of video on social platforms Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to expand your reach

Topic #5 - Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a significantly valuable digital marketing concept to grow your business. 

  • Learn how to use content marketing to fuel your sales funnel with high-quality leads
  • Identity the buyer journey phases and the types of content to use for each phase to develop a content marketing matrix
  • Develop a process for measuring and reporting your content marketing efforts

Topic #6 - Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation software is a tool that enables hyper-personalization through rich,
two-way conversations where questions and answers are exchanged between buyers and sellers in real-time.

  • Discover how marketing automation widens your sales funnel over traditional marketing methods.
  • Uncover the value of behavioral-based lead tracking, dynamic list building, lead scoring & dynamic drip campaigns for nurturing leads
  • Close more leads by leveraging the CRM, sales management & automation emails, trackable media, shopping cart integration, and end-to-end ROI reporting for sales pipeline & marketing campaigns