The 7 Stages of Website Redesign

Website Redesign Ebook

Get the 7 Stages of Website Redesign an all NEW Step-by-Step Checklist for your next website redesign or design. The checklist will let you essentially function as the PM (Project Manager). It is designed to walk you through a redesign or design from strategy to planning, designing, building, testing, and optimizing, to delivery, launch, promotion and final analysis.


Download the checklist now and learn how to:

  • Set clear, measurable business goals for your website redesign
  • Protect your existing search engine rankings
  • Increase visitors, leads and sales
  • Create fresh content that prospects (and search engines) love

* While this checklist is thorough, it is not exhaustive.
* Processes and stages may vary from designers so use this as a guideline and checklist to keep yourself on track.
* Set realistic expectations — a redesign will not magically turn your website into a money tree.

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