Online Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Can you take advantage of the opportunities social media brings yet ignore the risks? The easy answer is NO! Bad things can happen to good businesses. There are now 2.4 billion Internet users across the globe, and that number is rising. In today’s society, word-of-mouth exchange between people about a company’s products or services happens at warp-speed via social media and other online outlets (blog comments, forums, message boards, & more). The majority of businesses have policies and processes in place to deal with internal operational problems and unhappy customers who call into a call center or walk into their store or office. However, most of them are not prepared for an unexpected crisis that can spread like wildfire over social media. A company’s online reputation can be either hugely beneficial or utterly devastating to a company’s business, and it’s important to realize that online crisis management is just as important and applicable to small and medium businesses as to larger ones.

At Aiden Marketing, we equip our clients with the insight and skills to be proactive in heading off a situation before it becomes a crisis, as well as helping you to effectively and counter a social media crisis before it turns into a social media disaster. Our expertise in online crisis management will help your business build credibility and protect your brand’s reputation online in a smart and professional manner.

Our Online Crisis Management Services

Social Media Crisis Prevention

We firmly believe that companies need to be proactive rather than reactive. Proactive social media crisis prevention is an ongoing process and best practice service that we provide that involves social media monitoring to “listen”, identify, and address any issues that may be stirring online, building a strong base of followers and having meaningful engagement to build and increase your brand’s image. We also will conduct a vulnerability audit of your company and leadership personnel to identify any risks, gaps and present negativity online that needs to be mitigated.

Social Media Crisis Planning

A social media crisis happens in real-time, so having a social media crisis plan is a critical. We will work with your team to develop a targeted social media crisis management plan that will enable you to successfully manage and overcome any type of online crisis situation. Our process will result with a comprehensive plan that includes: identifying crisis team members & their responsibilities; identifying social media audiences & influencers and the channels that they use; and development of policies, processes, and infrastructure support needed.

Online Reputation Management

You only get one chance to make a good impression! Is your company’s credibility and sales being impacted by a negative online reputation? If so, we can help!  We will inventory all of the negative pieces of content online that are impacting your online reputation, and we’ll catalog the positive content as well. Our team will repair your online credibility across a variety of online channels by leveraging SEO tactics to increase visibility of positive content while suppressing the negative down in search results.  We also create new content to  build positive brand recognition & conversations around your brand.

Social Media Crisis Training

Through a series of best- and worst-practice examples of real-life scenarios and interactive role-playing exercises, our team will teach you how to effectively handle a social media crisis and to use social media to help manage and lead crisis communication. You will learn the latest social media tactics, tools and tips to defuse a crisis and better manage your corporate reputation. From effective messaging for different social media channels when dealing with hostility to learning how to garner support online during a crisis – we’ll equip your staff to be as crisis-ready as possible for a real-life crisis.