Family-Owned And Operated Natural Hair And Body Products Manufacturer.

Gained A Bigger Market Share, Increased Store Traffic And Stream In 40% Sales Growth.

Case Study

Beauty Company Product line


“Oyin” is the Yoruba word for honey, a natural humectant and amazing ingredient in natural hair and skin care. It also represents the principles of sweetness, joy, and love – elements we seek to inspire in our customers’ daily acts of self-care. Oyin was created in 2001 by Jamyla Bennu, a lifelong ingredient-conscious naturalista. When she couldn’t discover commercially available natural and organic products for her highly textured, natural hair. Joined by her husband and partner Pierre in 2003, the company began online only, now they have a retail location and manufacture its own beauty products in Baltimore. They have proudly maintained a commitment to high-quality, effective formulations made from natural, organic and food-grade ingredients. They’re products are gentle, cruelty-free, and moisture focused. Providing impeccable nutrition and styling for dry, curly, and highly textured hair types. Oyin is independently owned, operated, and made with love. The products are gentle and effective enough for the whole family! They contacted us in June 2016 to help them with website coding during migration from Magento to BigCommerce platform. After seeing success with the redesign and custom graphics, and since their time and personnel internally was limited to execute their expansion plans, they decided to outsource their marketing Aiden marketing.


Oyin-Handmade-Social-Media-ManagementIncrease Brand Awareness, Ecommerce Website Traffic, Increase Sales.

Oyin wanted to reach new audiences and increase online product sales.

Oyin is a thriving company and established its presence in the industry. They’ve reached the stage in which they’re spreading its roots into 700+ stores over multiple retailers’ distribution channels. In order to start capitalizing on their success, Oyin needed to capture a larger market share online and find new revenue. They’d reached a point where we were plateauing with reaching new audiences. The client was mainly targeting anyone and anybody with no clear target audience. Ineffective at driving social media traffic to product pages and converting their large fan base. As the adage goes, “You can’t be all things to all people”.  There is value in defining who you want purchasing your products or services – your target market.

Oyin Handmade - Essence Online


Our Process, In Short

Our process, in short:

Analyze Buyer Personas: Discover pain points, communication channels, sales channels

Choose Best Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

Integrated Content Strategy: How-to use product guides, Product-related blog posts, Ubiquitous presentation, Content rich newsletters

Campaign Development & Execution:

  1. “More Doors campaign to drive customers to new retail channels (700+ stores over multiple retailers) added on during contract period
  2. “Fall in Love” campaign to connect naturalistas with Oyin’s products = self-love, and drive sales

Ubiquitous Customer Event: Strategies for effective pre- and post-event marketing Develop a solid event strategy and follow-up plan

Email Newsletter: Develop a blueprint to developing an effective email newsletter program with a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish & how to achieve your goals.

Our Strategy, In Short

Our strategy, in short:

Brand Architecture & Identity Refinement

Product ingredient messaging graphic design images describing unique selling propositions (USPs) in all social design offers and custom branding of the items they sell.

  • Messaging, Developed & New Corporate Identity Collateral Pieces & Presentations
  • Branded graphic design and content creation and distribution for the brand
  • Research on customer experiences and availability of products in retail stores
  • Worked collaboratively with external PR firm and sales distribution agency.


Assistance with website coding during migration from Magento to BigCommerce platform Developed new product page descriptions to reflect emotional and tangible benefits of the food-grade natural products

Target Persona Research

We suggested a new buyer persona our client could focus on (naturalisitas), one they did not target previously.
Outreach Focus on Twitter Instagram and Facebook: Social media management enabled us to expand beyond merely managing social media but social sales to reach new customers and future prospects, which resulted in increased sales.

Content Strategy

Custom images for social selling campaigns to increase eCommerce traffic and increase engagement rate for the new target persona (promoted on Twitter Instagram and Facebook); increase fan base

Email Marketing

Design and develop content rich newsletter 4x’s (alternating Saturdays & Thursday and Tuesday) so that we can measure analytics data. Some emails will be dedicated to promote monthly specials only & others will be more content rich newsletter.

Event Marketing

Ubiquitous sales presentation. We used video segments captured, blogs, social, curated content, banners and product brochures.




Monthly Sales Revenue

(Dec. 2016 vs. Last Year Same Month) 20%

Monthly # of Transactions

(Dec. 2016 vs. Last Year Same Month) 15%

Social Media Engagement and Reach

Across all platforms 35% - 40%

Black Friday Weekend Sales Revenue

(2016 vs. Last Year) 40%

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