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For businesses & start-ups who need experienced management of their platforms to drive traffic and nurture leads into a viable revenue stream

What is Social Media Marketing & Management?

Social media marketing & community management is the interactive process of establishing, engaging, monitoring, and measuring the online presence of a brand, product, or service on social media platforms – with specific goals and results at the heart of every keystroke of a two-way online conversation that your brand initiates.

Social media also a very cost-effective method to drive large amounts of traffic to your website. Businesses that are succeeding at growing their customer base are those who are adapting their corporate culture to today’s social media network world.

Social Media Management Allows Your Business Goals to Come Together

social-media-strategy4-MD-DC-VAOur social media management services are designed to grow your brand’s online presence. We help you establish trust and build relationships with your future buyers.

The benefits of using our social media management services consist of:

  • Increased awareness
  • Website traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Influenced Google rankings
  • Online reputation management
  • Customer service to current and potential customers
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Why Businesses Fail at Social Media Marketing

Many small business are failing at social media marketing and are not hitting their growth goals for these main reasons:

  1. Lack of understanding of social media user behavior and the social platforms.
  2. Lack of time to effectively manage the company’s social media profiles.
  3. Lack of knowledge and expertise to leverage social media to drive results connected to the company’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  4. No written social media strategy to create lead generation and revenue goals for social marketing efforts.
  5. No investment in designing content that is valuable to the end-user.
  6. Inability to measure social media marketing effectiveness

Social media isn’t a “schedule & broadcast” tool; it works only with consistent effort and engagement. Outsourcing social media management is very beneficial for growing businesses and start-ups, and our Aiden Marketing social media marketing and management packages go beyond status updates with a focus on driving traffic and nurturing leads into a viable revenue stream.

Our agency provides social media management services for businesses, non-profits, and higher education institutions in the Baltimore-Washington corridor and beyond nationally. Let’s talk about your social media needs. – Get A FREE Social Media Audit Today!


Why is social media marketing and management so important?

The number one reason why social media marketing and management is critical for your business is the undeniable fact that the buyer is in control in today’s world. FACT: 90% of consumers are going online to educate themselves about a product or service before making a purchasing decision.

Secondly, both B2C and B2B customers spend a significant amount of time online using social media daily. Therefore, it’s necessary that you get your message out to them on the social media platforms that they use so that you can find and communicate with your target audience of buyers directly.

We understand that social media marketing can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming for many businesses. After all, it’s customer service, advertising, sales & marketing, and public relations all in one stream. It takes a lot of work and keen knowledge to produce desired business results from social media management. We always say that there is a science to effectively doing social media marketing and management the right way. – Experience the benefits of our social media expertise by outsourcing your business’ social media to Aiden Marketing. 

The Most Important Part of Any Social Media Marketing Program is a Documented Strategy

A robust social media marketing strategy must come before anything else is done. Without a documented defined plan with benchmarks, milestones and targets to leverage social media platforms channels for measurable bottom-line results, your social media efforts will make you feel like you are throwing darts blind-folded.

We’ll start with a social media assessment of your marketing and sales assets and extract out every morsel of valuable information that we can leverage to create a unique and remarkable presence for your business.

The content we create for your organization and distribute on the social media platforms that your target audience uses will educate your audience about your company’s expertise, inform them about your products or services, and answer the most frequently asked questions of prospective customers.

Assessment & Social Media Strategy Development


Social Media Marketing Campaign Development

After your social marketing strategy is composed, it’s time to put your plan into action. As your marketing partner, our team will build, optimize, and implement various strategies (specific to each of your social media platforms) to successfully execute powerful social media marketing campaigns that align with your business goals and yield results.

Our  Social Media Management Packages Offer More Value Than Our Competitors

√ Social Content Creation

√ Social Media Posts (5 days/week)

√ 4 Social Platforms

√ Dedicated Social Media Manager

√ Engagement Strategy

√ Monthly Analytics Reporting

√ Lead Nurturing

√ Social Media Advertising

√ Email Marketing


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The Most Effective Social Media Tactics For Social ROI

social media management tactics

social media monitoring listening

Understand your customers better and the competition.

You can gather intelligence on the way your competitors are marketing. The more information on what’s working and don;t forget what’s not working for them.

  • Monitor your audience and the competition
  • Engage relevant conversations in real-time
  • Gather intelligence for better marketing and sales decisions
  • Identify & interact with brand ambassadors

social media management engagement

Connect on a deeper level with customers.

  • Stimulate conversations with powerful messaging
  • Distribute helpful content assets to engage users and drive traffic
  • Build an engaging social platform community of advocates
  • Respond to customers and prospects across social platforms

social content design

Create a remarkable branded presence

You get only one chance to make a good first impression, and on social media where marketers are constantly seeking attention. Custom content graphic creation is a great way to peek  interest and encourage buyers to explore your business further.

  • Custom social media graphics engages your customers
  • In a crowded marketplace, your brand needs to stand out
  • Consistent branded content with your prospects across your social platforms
  • Custom graphics and illustrations allow people to identify and remember you

social media platform advertising

Amplify and extend your content

  • Execute optimized social ad campaigns
  • Target your ideal audience at scale
  • Transform your engaging content into compelling social ads
  • Accelerate the lead generation process with social media

social media measurement

Measuring the metrics which are important for your business

  • Audience Growth: How many new fans and followers did you gain?
  • Engagement: How much did engagement (shares, comments, etc.) increase?
  • Website Traffic: How much website traffic stemmed from social media?
  • Lead Generation: How many new leads did you generate from social media?


content marketing lead nurturing



E-Mail Marketing & Lead Nurturing

We will help your company develop a lead nurturing program with the use of strategic e-mail marketing. Here are two types of lead nurturing campaigns that can help your company start to achieve your lead generation goals:

  1. New Incoming Lead Campaigns
  2. Top of Mind Campaigns

Together, these campaigns put in place all the necessary processes to help ensure a stream of more qualified leads for the sales team. Your leads (prospects) and current customers will receive a series of emails designed to intrigue and cultivate their interest through helpful articles, resources, offers, events, etc. to encourage interactions and conversions.

social lead nurturing campaign

Personalized relationship building

Lead nurturing is no different than building a long-term relationship — you need to foster respect and trust, be a good listener, and keep things interesting.

New Incoming Lead campaigns are a way to make a great first impression. This will shape perceptions and lay the foundation of your company from there on out.

social lead nurturing campaigns

Generate more sales-ready leads at lower cost

Our ‘Top of Mind’ campaigns are beneficial for all prospects that are not ready to talk with sales. They are the foundation of your lead nurturing program by “dripping” out relevant content to prospects over time — helping to educate them and build trust and credibility for your company.

By engaging prospects consistently, you will stay top of mind so that the prospect will contact you when they are ready to move forward.

Client Testimonials: What do our clients say?

Meet Our Clients

Helping clients is our biggest motivator and our clients are our best advocates.

Kelly-FairKelly Fair, Founder & Executive Director

Polished Pebbles

As a small non-profit organization, I discovered the power of Aiden Marketing’s content marketing and social media services which resulted in increased online donation giving, event registrations, website traffic, and the expansion of our network and capacity

Noelle-JohnsonDanielle Sewell, Health & Safety Officer

BRT Laboratories

The website redesign makeover that Aiden Marketing provided for us, along with social media management services, generated a 70% increase in leads for our DNA paternity test and immigration test services.

Quintin-MoodyQuintin Moody, CEO / President

World Class Auto Detail

This will surely separate me from my competitors and drive a lot of traffic to my business. Aiden Marketing is the best! I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking to grow a business brand. I will be doing more business with this company. Thanks again!

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