St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore Case Study

How a Personalized Campaign Increased Enrollment at Two Preschools in 30 Days.


St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore (SVDB) runs six Head Start sites and two Early Head Start sites in Baltimore City, catering to 733 children. Head Start and Early Head Start programs that provide early childhood education services to prepare infants, toddlers, and preschool children for school.

Selected by St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore to drive more school enrollment leads for their Head Start preschool program. We launched an inbound marketing campaign that generated 50+ qualified leads, within 30 days, for two locations that had spaces available.


What We Did:

  • Attract new visitors with keyword-rich blog content
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram
  • CTAs, Landing pages and forms




The target audience was difficult to engage through messaging tactics. Despite the availability of Early Head Start in some Baltimore centers, parents lacked a full understanding of its benefits and the long-term impact of early education on their children’s studies. St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore utilized email, social media platforms, and Salesforce CRM, but these systems did not produce the desired results for measuring marketing success. The website had low performance in generating leads. It was challenging to obtain a comprehensive overview of marketing activities due to the limited tools available. The absence of Google Analytics, Website Local SEO, Google Maps, and iPhone apps made it difficult to locate the site.


Our process, in short:

Analyze Key Audiences: Discover pain points

Our team has developed a well-thought-out strategy that focuses on the target audience. We have collaborated with Caroline Street’s Director and management team to ensure that our messaging resonates with our audience. The mother is key in preschool education decision-making, and knowing the target audience is crucial for effective strategies. Baltimore’s preschool community comprises young African-American women who are influential in their children’s education and have interests in R&B, Hip Hop, fashion, and shopping. Hispanic women aged 18-45 also play a significant role in Baltimore’s preschool education scene, focusing on Hispanic culture and bilingualism. Understanding the interests and backgrounds of secondary target audience members in Baltimore ensures comprehensive support for both African-American and Hispanic communities in providing valuable educational resources for their children.

Choose Best Social Media and Advertising Channels:

Aiden Marketing designed and managed 13 ads for St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore. 9 ads were made for Facebook, while 4 were made for Instagram. 2 ads targeted African-American women aged 18-40 or 18-45 in Baltimore, focusing on interests like parenting, R&B music, hip hop music, fashion, and shopping. 1 ad targeted Hispanic women aged 18-45 in Baltimore, highlighting interests like Hispanic culture, bilingualism, and being a parent of a preschooler.

Our strategy, in short:

Integrated Content Strategy & Implementation:

To attract parents, we have highlighted the benefits of Head Start, such as a welcoming environment, free education, and full-day classes with nutritious meals. These recommendations are based on extensive research. Our approach utilizes various digital channels to reach potential customers, including informative blog posts.

As a result of our partnership with St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore, our primary objective was to enhance the number of school enrollment leads for their Head Start preschool program. Utilizing our expertise in nonprofit digital marketing, we devised a comprehensive targeted outreach campaign that aimed to attract and engage potential parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children in the program.

Through a strategic combination of targeted online advertisements, search engine optimization, and compelling content creation, we were able to effectively reach our target audience and generate significant interest in the Head Start program. Our campaign not only focused on increasing awareness about the program but also highlighted its unique features and benefits, ultimately encouraging parents to take the next step and inquire about enrollment.

Ads 2

Ads 3


Within just one month of launching our target outreach campaign, we achieved remarkable success by generating over 50 qualified leads for St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore’s Head Start preschool program. These leads were not only numerous but also highly qualified, indicating a genuine interest in enrolling their children in the program.

Furthermore, our efforts were concentrated on two specific locations that had available spaces in their preschool program. By strategically targeting these areas, we were able to maximize the impact of our campaign and ensure that the generated leads were relevant and actionable.

The success of our inbound marketing campaign can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, our team conducted thorough market research to identify the most effective channels and platforms to reach our target audience. This allowed us to optimize our advertising efforts and ensure that our message was being delivered to the right people at the right time.

Additionally, our content creation strategy played a crucial role in attracting and engaging potential leads. By crafting informative and compelling content that highlighted the unique benefits of the Head Start program, we were able to establish St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore as a trusted and reputable institution in the eyes of parents and guardians.

Overall, our partnership with St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore proved to be highly successful in increasing the number of school enrollment leads for their Head Start preschool program. Through our strategic inbound marketing campaign, we not only generated over 50 qualified leads within a month but also effectively showcased the program’s value and benefits to potential parents and guardians.


Total of # of Online Leads

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 48

During the period from December 10th to December 31st, we were able to obtain a total of 48 online leads.

The Hispanic-targeted ad had the lowest engagement, indicating a need for further testing with different demographics and interests. Women aged 25-34 showed the highest engagement across all ads. The ads promoted Head Start preschool benefits, encouraged registration, highlighted free preschool and winter open house events, and general enrollment on Facebook. Different formats, including carousel, were used for engaging visuals and information.



Winter Open House Landing Page

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 28

Caroline Street

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 22

Arts Center

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 6



General Enrollment

Caroline Street

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 18

Arts Center

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 2

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