Nonprofit After-School Program Automated Campaigns Increased Mentor Recruitment.

By 34% And Expanded Their Network To 8 Locations Nationwide.


U.S. Dream Academy is an after-school program that aims to break the cycle of incarceration by giving children the skills and vision necessary to lead productive and fulfilling lives. It was founded in 1998 by Wintley Phipps, who had witnessed firsthand in his work with prison inmates the destructive influence of incarceration on children, families and communities. Since its inception, U.S. Dream Academy has served over 1,500 students in neighborhoods where incarceration is a major problem. Through mentorship, they build confidence and guide these children towards meaningful growth. Their ultimate goal is to nurture a generation of motivated and capable individuals ready to tackle global challenges and foster innovation.




What We Did:


  • Website Redesign
  • CTAs Landing pages and Form
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Data Integration
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • CTAs Landing pages and Forms
  • Mentor Coordinator Automation Training


The U.S. Dream Academy faced recruitment challenges due to social media issues, an outdated website, and uninspiring copy, resulting in a negative user experience and potential loss of mentors. They also struggled with targeting their ideal mentor audience, application process, and lacked meaningful member data, experiencing issues with mass emails. Without a strategic plan and website content management, they failed to capture visitors and prioritize opportunities.

US Dream Academy Today Show Social Post


Our process, in short:


Strategic Digital Transformation

Strategy AnalysisAnalysis process involves examining the client’s marketing plan, data, connections, and programs to identify growth opportunities and challenges. We focus on people, processes, data and technology, and messaging.


Design StrategyDesign involves analyzing data, developing go-to-market strategies, creating offerings, identifying channels, and enhancing capabilities. We also assess the client’s current situation, analyze competitors, and establish growth goals.


Implementation Campaigns Implementation involves executing strategies, measuring performance, and driving revenue growth. This includes putting the marketing plan into action, evaluating its effectiveness, and adjusting tactics based on mentor understanding.


Manage Measure Campagns IconAnalytics and reporting consistently measure cross-channel marketing activities, content strategy, creation, and distribution. Weekly and monthly analytics reports are generated, campaigns are monitored and adjusted accordingly.

Our strategy, in short:

Targeting Key Segments Mentors and Automating Personalizing Communication Across Channels

Our approach starts with analyzing the different groups we want to target and ensuring a consistent message highlighting the advantages and values of mentoring to attract potential mentors. We understand that young professionals are motivated by career growth and networking opportunities, young college students are looking for practical experience, and Retirees are eager to give back. We segment our mentors based on their life stage and prioritize experiences and resources that are relevant to each group. To reach out effectively, we use a marketing automation system that allows us to create personalized messages for each segment and deliver them through various communication channels. By focusing on showcasing the benefits of becoming a mentor and collecting data on their preferences, we aim to maximize our impact and attract new mentors.


  • Content to create targeted communications to raise awareness, attract, engage and retain mentors
  • A series of emails that welcomes new members, provides the benefits of mentoring email, introduces mentor coordinators sent at defined intervals
  • Utilize data from form submissions, web page visits, course completions, or email interactions to trigger automated follow-up communication
  • Similar to the welcome series, nurture campaigns reinforce the organization’s core purpose and aim to strengthen relationships
  • Target members who have decreased engagement to win them back through targeted campaigns
  • Focus on members who have temporarily lapsed or not renewed their membership to encourage them to re-engage

Automated mentoring campaigns


We successfully enlisted over 250 mentors at 8 locations nationwide to achieve their mentorship objectives for their grant requirements, and ensured that children involved in the program each had a committed mentor.

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 250


Our Objectives aimed to:


Enhance Operational Effectiveness

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 100

Retain Mentor Engagement throughout the Application Process

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 100

Improve the Experience and Engagement of Current Mentors

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 6

Re-Engage Past Mentors and Encourage them to Rejoin or Become Advocates

(Dec. 10th and Dec. 10th) 100


Additionally, we designed, developed, and promoted a comprehensive sponsorship package and promotional campaign for their 15th anniversary Gala.



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