Website Design & Development Process

Our Website Design & Development Process

Website design is crucial to your marketing strategy. In fact, if your website is not in your plans for business growth, it is costing you money! Your website is an online hub, providing visitors from all channels with valuable information, credibility, branding, positioning, and persuasive messaging crucial to driving more traffic, leads, and sales.

The Aiden Marketing team lays out a comprehensive blueprint to your website design or redesign, that will help you meet your business goals.

We are more than a traditional web design and development firm. We generate, nurture, develop qualified leads. By engaging customers and prospects Aiden Marketing increases your awareness, credibility, value, demand, and revenue. We make your website work harder, smarter, grab traffic, convert leads and build sales. We’ll show you measurable results.

Here is an overview of the phases of our website development process:



Phase 1: Info Gathering / Needs Assessment

1Send Aiden Marketing Website Intake Form to client


2Completion of Aiden Marketing Website Intake Form by Client


3Review of completed form by Aiden Marketing


4Re-define / Finalize purpose and goals of the website; target audience and buyer personas, along with desired call-to-actions for website visitors


5Send client 3 website layouts to review


6Selection of layout design of choice (will be fully customized)


7Analysis of top competitor websites


8Alignment of website with overall brand identity and marketing plan that’s being established for the company

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Phase 2: Determine Website’s Structure

1Determine sitemap (main topic & sub-topic areas) & navigation scheme


2Determine Website Content & Responsible source


  • Text for website pages
  • Custom Images
  • Video (i.e., embedded from YouTube or Vimeo, or self-hosted)
  • Audio
  • Photos Gallery
  • Documents (whitepages, ebooks, etc.)
  • Forms / Landing Pages
  • Content feeds (from other websites, for example)
  • Social media streams
  • Blog articles
  • Testimonials
  • Widgets / special offerings


3Start creating & designing content and collecting info needed for content from client

Phase 3: Initial Design

1Layout / design / mockup of 3 – 5 pages on AM testbed server


2Keyword Analysis and identification of keywords to be used on client website for search engine optimization


3Continued creation creating & designing of content and collection of info needed for content from client

Phase 4: Design Review & Revisions

1Review of initial site design by client


2Submittal of revisions by client


3Continued creation creating & designing of content and collection of info needed for content from client


4Revisions implemented by Aiden Marketing


5Final search engine optimization (SEO) for pages

Phase 5: Beta Testing & Quality Assurance

1Test how website looks in targeted Web browsers


2Verify all features/functionality operate properly


3Verify forms work and send information to the intended recipient(s)


4Verify internal and external links work


5Verify images are sized properly


6Verify any links to third-party software, such as e-newsletter signup, demo software , etc. work


7Confirm checklist of all placeholder content that needs to be replaced by the final copy

Phase 6: Migration to Live Domain

1Schedule and confirm migration date with client


2Migrate website from AM testbed server to client’s live domain (


3Perform quality assurance steps again from Phase 5


4Install any analytics tracking codes provided by client (or create & install new Google analytics code on site if needed)


5Submit website’s sitemaps to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)


6Monitor site for 3 – 4 days for performance


7Provide client or designated party with website administration training (if website design is not part of an inbound marketing service package or if Aiden Marketing is not providing monthly maintenance of the site)


8Send client email with all usernames and passwords affiliated with the new website