How long does it take to get results?

Most digital marketing campaigns take 6-9 months to start seeing a return on your marketing investment. The biggest factor in contributing to how fast or slow you see results is how much content you create on a regular basis. If you create 4 blog articles and one piece of premium content per month, your results are going to be slower than if you create 30 blog articles and 10 pieces of premium content per month. At Aiden Marketing, we do everything to best practices and take no shortcuts. Please understand that digital marketing takes time and results don’t happen overnight, but it is the best and most effective method for proving your expertise, improving your brand visibility, engaging with your target audience, and driving leads and customers. If you don’t believe us, please do your own research, there are plenty of reports and studies that back this up. If you would like an analysis to see what it will take for you to achieve your goals, schedule your free advice call.