Visual Storytelling Is The Key to Brand Engagement


Our team here at Aiden Marketing couldn’t agree more with this AWESOME infographic that makes it very clear why businesses who want to maximize the power of social media MUST use visuals and videos to get user to engage with their brands.  As the infographic header states in plain language — the numbers don’t lie; a brand’s story is best framed on-line — one frame at a time!

Business Owners: Take note  — if you aren’t sharing engaging content and your competitors are, you should know that you are losing marketshare and the potential to gain new customers.  If you aren’t sure exactly how to leverage social media effectively for your business growth, feel overwhelmed about all that you must learn about the various different social media marketing platforms, or just don’t have the TIME to manage your social media profiles, then contact our Aiden Marketing team at or by phone 410-929-2435.  We live and breathe social media and everything thing that is related to building a strong on-line presence for your brand in order to stimulate business growth. *FREE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: Click HERE to let our team provide you with a free comprehensive analysis of your business’ current social media presence and efforts.

The facts are truly revealing — we applaud M Booth who partnered with social analytics company SimplyMeasure to measure engagement data and produce the following infographic:



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