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Maryland Vascular Specialists


Owned by esteemed vascular surgeon Dr. Sam Saiedy, has been providing compassionate and exceptional patient care since its inception in 1999 with one practice location. In late 2016, the MVS’ marketing director reached out to Aiden Marketing. MVS had grown to 15 locations, including 4 endovascular outpatient centers in Maryland and Pennsylvania. With rising competition from hospital systems that were increasing their marketing efforts. Many privately owned medical practices in MD encountered challenges in acquiring new patients at the same pace of former years.


Bad Website Design Is Bad For Business.

Limited Traffic & Keywords

The Maryland Vascular Specialists (MVS) website was in need of a redesign in order to overcome the aging visual appeal of the site. At the time that MVS came to us, there was limited organic website traffic. These were multiple factors that hurt the ability to offer a good user experience (UX) for visitors and to convert prospects to leads. They faced the daunting problem of website design flaws. The aesthetics of the site were aging and the architecture no longer reflected a modern, relevant website. The layout of the site failed to convey value propositions and forms throughout the site which hurt in terms of conversion.

Maryland Vascular Specialists


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Keyword Optimized Redesigned Website.

Attract Interested Patients and DPM Physicians.

We launched a modern, responsive, website redesign in late Dec. 2016 that included on-page SEO keyword optimization for pages and blogs, and a content framework that effectively showcased MVS’ vascular services, expertise, and convenience. The first step was to code and organized the sites architecture in a way that Google could read it efficiently. The next step was to work together with MVS to align their vision with the optimized content and shiny new keywords on the website. We took it upon ourselves to rewrite all the new and existing content with our new keyword strategy. Once the time sensitive issues were fixed, it was time for our team to shift their focus to design. We updated the MVS website with a WordPress template that clearly detailed benefits of services. We touched things up by adding bigger and brighter fonts, better images, and strategically placed videos in hopes of stirring up visitor engagement.


286% Website Traffic Increase

600%+ increase compared to traffic during previous year.

Through the website redesign process, we were able to implement better tracking tools and more closely monitor the website’s user interaction. New keywords mean more traffic volume; Jan 2017 through May 2018 increased by 286% (with a 600%+ increase compared to traffic during previous year). Additionally, keyword optimization on the new website resulted in growth from 16 keywords to a total of 615 keywords that produced Google search results that included the MVS website, and 475 of those keywords were producing organic traffic to the website.


Maryland Vascular Specialists determined the results of its Website Redesign revealed:

Jan 2017 through May 2018 increased by 286%

286% Increase 80%

600%+ increase compared to traffic during previous year

600% Increase 60%

6 keywords to a total of 615 keywords

6 New Keywords 35%

475 Keywords Organic Traffic

475 Keyword Traffic 35%

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