Inbound Marketing

Four Comprehensive Strategies

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the use of modern marketing tactics and processes designed to attract your ideal prospects and customers towards your business and its products/services. Attracting & nurturing prospects with valuable content earns you the ability to pull, rather than push information to your prospects. It’s equivalent to using a magnet instead of a loudspeaker.

By now we’re sure that you’ve heard the term “sales funnel”. Let’s break that down. You’ve managed to create content that has attracted potential prospects to your website and browse. They have entered the top of the funnel. They like what they see and fill out a form or two to download more content that you have created for them so they can educate themselves more about what you’re offering. They have now entered the middle of the funnel and converted into a lead. Then, you nurture that lead with the conversion content to further move them down the bottom of the funnel where they eventually convert into a customer. Mission accomplished.

This is the beauty of inbound marketing; your leads find you … not the other way around. Today’s buyer is in control. They choose to educate themselves about a product or service before making a purchase. It is imperative that you adopt modern marketing strategies that cater to this kind of behavior if you want to have any chance of growing revenue and staying in business.

Why is Inbound Marketing so effective?

Inbound marketing uses blogging, email, organic search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and content marketing to attract prospects to a point of conversion. Each of these marketing tactics are proven performers when implemented separately. However, when they are synchronized into a methodical inbound marketing strategy, the result is significantly reduced advertising and costs, increased sales, and improved return on investment (ROI).


 We then bring all of our services together to develop a comprehensive inbound marketing and sales plan that’s aligned to your unique needs.

inbound marketing four core strategies

Top of the Funnel: Drive Traffic To Your Website

drive website trafficGet Found: Drive Traffic Strategy

We initially start by casting the widest net possible and driving qualified visitor traffic to your website.

Your prospects are looking for information and seeking advice through search engines, social media, and blog articles. Before creating content, optimizing web pages, and engaging in social media, it’s increasingly important for your business to document and implement an inbound marketing strategy.

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Middle of the Funnel: Generate Leads from Website Visitors

generate website leadsLead Generation Strategy

As you begin to drive consistent quality traffic to your website, lead generation activities takes center stage.

Your optimized website is armed with web visitor identification, that gives sales reps the ability to view anonymous visitors, and proven conversion tactics like landing pages, content offers, and calls-to-action. Leverage the power to generate leads, track their behavior on your site, score leads based on your criteria, and to give your sales team the intelligence they need to close more deals.

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Bottom of the Funnel: Convert Leads to Sales

convert leads to salesLead Conversion Strategy

Implement marketing automation to nurture leads through your funnel, shorten your sales cycle, and increase your sales opportunities.

When qualified leads are captured from any phase of the buying cycle, it’s critical that they are managed correctly. Well-executed marketing automation will simplify the process and a sales and marketing alignment strategy will ensure a more targeted approach.

What will be the result? More personalized marketing, improved communications, shortened sales cycles, happier sales people, better customer retention, and increased sales revenue.

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Marketing Analysis: Revenue Performance Marketing

marketing analysis performanceRevenue Performance Strategy

Remove the guesswork! Powerful analytics enable you to understand the ROI of every marketing activity.

Whether the goal is an uptick in website traffic from SEO changes or a specific number of leads from an eBook offer, numerical results are black and white. Data analytics reporting and the analysis of the data are very vital as they collectively help to identify inbound marketing campaigns that are exceeding, meeting, or need improvement in relation to the targeted goals.

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