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St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore operates multiple Head Start and Early Head Start sites in Baltimore City, serving a total of 733 children. The program offers early childhood education services to prepare young children for school. Aiden Marketing was chosen to help increase enrollment for their Head Start preschool programs.

One of the primary obstacles faced was connecting with parents and guardians for early education initiatives. Even though Early Head Start centers were available, the intended audience did not fully grasp the advantages of early education. St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore employed email, social media, and Salesforce CRM, but these resources fell short of accurately assessing marketing effectiveness. Additionally, the website encountered difficulties in attracting potential leads. The lack of Google Analytics, Website Local SEO, Google Maps, and iPhone apps posed challenges in locating the centers on mobile devices.

Keys To Marketing Analytics Success

What we did through targeted outreach campaigns and various inbound tactics:

Through targeted outreach campaigns and various inbound tactics, we have worked to enhance the number of school enrollment leads for St. Vincent De Paul of Baltimore’s Head Start preschool program. Our focus has been on young African-American and Hispanic women aged 18-45 in Baltimore who play a significant role in their children’s education.

To effectively reach our target audience and generate interest in the Head Start program. We employed targeted social advertisements, search engine optimization, and compelling content creation. The goal is to increase awareness about the program and highlight its unique features and benefits, encouraging parents to inquire about enrollment.

To achieve this, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that includes an integrated content strategy and campaign implementation. We utilize digital channels such as business blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization, visual content marketing, email marketing, CTAs, landing pages, and forms.

In addition, we have utilized Facebook and Instagram social ads to amplify reach and engagement. Specifically, we have designed and managed 13 ads for St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, with 9 ads created for Facebook and 4 for Instagram. These ads have been strategically targeted towards African-American and Hispanic women in Baltimore, their interests, and backgrounds.




The Winter Open House campaign lasted for 30 days. It resulted in 20 children being enrolled by their parents and 48 potential leads being generated. The campaign targeted Caroline Street and Arts Center locations, attracting new families and generating interest in available slots. Overall, the campaign was successful in terms of enrollment and lead generation.


Winter Open House Enrollments

Caroline Street

(Dec. 10 - Dec. 31) 18

Arts Center

(Dec. 10 - Dec. 31) 2



Total of # of Winter Open House Leads

(Dec. 10th through Dec. 31st) 48

During the period from December 10th to December 31st, we were able to obtain a total of 48 online leads.

The Hispanic-targeted ad had the lowest engagement, indicating a need for further testing with different demographics and interests. Women aged 25-34 showed the highest engagement across all ads. The ads promoted Head Start preschool benefits, encouraged registration, highlighted free preschool and winter open house events, and general enrollment on Facebook. Different formats, including the carousel, were used for engaging visuals and information.


(Leads) 28

Caroline Street

(Leads) 22

Arts Center

(Leads) 6


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SVDB Case Study Ad

Landing Page Report

General Enroll