How Social Media Can Help Your Business’ Customer Service

Social media is a part of daily life for the vast majority of people and businesses. It’s the perfect platform for businesses to gain exposure to a large pool of potential customers, while being able to interact with their existing customers. One use of social media that companies are starting to adopt is social customer service. We, at Aiden Marketing, even leverage social media platforms to connect with our customers and deliver customer service.

You may be asking yourself, what does “Social Customer Service” mean?  Before you pursue this strategy, you should be clear on exactly what it is and the benefits it can bring your company.

What exactly is social customer service? Think of the last time you had a problem with a program on your computer. Did you contact tech support? Or did you turn to your friends on social media? If you turned to a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.), this is one of the main elements of social customer service. Customers are starting to go to social media sites when they have questions, many times contacting the company directly. Having customer service elements on social media to answer these questions or field complaints is social customer service. A great example of this is OPEN Forum, run by AMEX. It allows customers to interact with one another, while giving the company a channel to feed technical help and information to them. If you’d like an evaluation of how effectively you are using social media for your business, or if you desire to have Aiden Marketing provide you with some social media consulting or training, please contact us.

Benefits of social customer service

There are four main benefits of leveraging social customer service in your business.

  • Increased customer satisfaction. By offering a way for customers to interact with you on a medium many are already comfortable with, you’ll find customers to be more satisfied.

  • Meeting consumer expectations. Let’s face it, the majority of your customers are using social media with many now expecting you to do so as well. If you meet their expectations, there’s a higher chance they’ll stay your customers.

  • Increased loyalty. One of the main reasons companies should be on social media is that an effective campaign can help improve customer and brand loyalty. Social customer service is an extra service that can help further increase loyalty.

  • Decreased customer service costs. If you offer customer service on social media, you could potentially decrease your total costs. The expenditure required to setup and maintain the online service is fractional compared to the physical operation.

While there are some distinct advantages to social customer service, it’s not a good idea to shift all of your customer support onto social platforms. Rather it should be viewed as a supplementary service, or another way for customers to get in contact with you. If you’d like to know more about how to integrate social customer service into your company’s social media plan, please give us at call at 410-929-2435 or visit us at . You can, of course, connect with us on all social media platforms as well.

Aiden Marketing is a premier, full-service marketing agency built to stimulate business growth. We create, design and promote brands and their assets using creative innovation strategies to build brand equity and to foster positive growth results.  We offer emerging inbound marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing solutions that communicate messages effectively, spark engaging conversations with consumers, and generate sales growth for our clients in a multicultural society, with a focus on being the best in terms of value, customer service, employee talent and corporate leadership.  Visit us at www.aidenmarketing.comto take your business to the next level!



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