Drive Targeted Website Traffic

Our process levels the playing field and gives companies that have limited marketing and sales resources an opportunity to attract more than their fair share of the business.

Drive Traffic

Once your new website has been optimized and your marketing tools have been implemented, it’s time to start attracting qualified traffic. Together, we will start performing traffic driving activities, such as blogging, social media marketing, SEO, and visual content marketing as outlined in your Inbound Marketing Plan.


Getting found is now more important than ever.

The top source of leads today is from inbound channels, not outbound.


inbound marketing drive traffic tactics


Blogging is a high performance marketing tactic to generate traffic to your brand website. Blogging helps drive traffic to your website by creating indexed pages of your website and inbound links to your site from other people’s websites — both of which are very important to determining your company’s SERP (search engine page rankings).

Search engines are increasingly favoring fresh, high-quality content in search rankings. When your blog includes a SEO keyword strategy, relevant information for your target audience, images and/or videos, and the inclusion of questions to engage readers to leave comments, the end result will be a high-quality blog post.

The power behind blogging, as it relates to generating traffic, is that each blog post has a distinct URL and is viewed as a separate webpage within your website that can be indexed by search engines. The more you blog, the more indexed pages you create for search engines to display in their results, which in turn helps your page ranking on Internet searches. The key is to post blogs with fresh, high-quality content that your target audience will find interesting and to blog often!

blog marketing

blog marketing

Additional benefits of blogging are that: 1) Blogging helps you to amplify your message when you have social media buttons integrated into your posts to allow readers to easily share your blog posts with their network, and 2) Blogging builds consumer loyalty and trust by helping prospects and customers solve problems or address pain-points. Thus, blogging serves as a platform for a company’s brand where the company can show off their industry expertise and establish their thought leadership online.

The Impact of Blogging

B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not 67%
B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/month than those who do not 88%
Blogs generate 434% more indexed pages for websites 434%

Visual Content Marketing

I’m not sure who first said, a picture is worth a thousand words, than visual content marketing must be worth millions. Buyers are becoming overwhelmed with text. In order your brand to rise above all the clutter and get ahead of the competition, companies must fully develop their use of content marketing from simply article-related content.

Words aren’t enough to keep customers and prospects engaged these days. Rise above the clutter and start understanding your prospects’ and customers’ pain points.

Take your content and campaigns to the next level with a visual elements.

visual content marketing

visual content marketing

The Impact of Visual Content

95% of B2B buyers agreed they prefer shorter content 95%
70% of marketers plan to increase their use of visual assets in 2015 70%
B2B marketers are employing on average 12-14 formats of content 12-14

Social Media

The importance of the need for social media in your marketing strategy can’t be overstated. Every single day, hundreds of millions of people visit social media sites, and businesses must learn how to harness the power of social media, or face being left behind. In today’s environment, a company’s reputation and visibility are more important than ever and social media marketing becomes potentially the most effective means to attract new customers. Social media campaigns can be delivered through one or multiple social networking channels, designed to drive traffic to your website, and help turn prospects into leads and customers.

social media marketing

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing has turned the buying relationship on its head by allowing people the ability to engage and interact with brands directly, as well as to give reviews and provide feedback for the entire world to see. Having an active presence on social media platforms will also boost your company’s rankings with search engines; thereby, making it easier for prospects to find you. It’s important that you post valuable content to your social media branded pages in order to effectively amplify your message, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. It’s important to note that now more than ever, search engines are using “social signals” from social media sites to determine how popular and how relevant your website is to online searches.

Impact of Social Media Marketing

Internet users who turn to social media in the process of making purchases 46%
Success rate experienced by B2B businesses in customer acquisition via LinkedIn. 61%
Twitter users who are more likely to buy brands that they follow 67%
Businesses who say social media increases traffic to their website 69%
Businesses who say social media generates more business exposure 85%
Internet users who have Facebook accounts 85%

Email Marketing

Build Long-Term Relationships and Get Results

The best emails offer in the world will never convert to a sale … if it doesn’t land in the buyer’s inbox. We help our clients, develop high-level email campaigns, which pushes past the basics of an email marketing service and utilizing enterprise marketing automation software to deploy optimized email campaigns, and stay in touch with buyers at every stage of the customer life-cycle.

email marketing services

email marketing services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization makes it easy for your online content to get found by your buyers, when they search online for your services or products. Good SEO makes sure your site is accessible in search engines and your target market, which helps drive traffic to your site organically. Your search engine optimization strategy should include implementation of the latest semantic search trends and responsive friendly mobile site design experience to improve the quality of traffic and customers visiting your site. Therefore, better leads equals more sales!

On-Page Optimization – Our process starts with a keyword discovery process that focuses on achievable primary keywords and “long tail” keywords. We then ensure each page on your site is search engine-friendly by providing a balance of on-page keyword richness with your brand message implemented into the content we help develop in conjunction with you. Approved keywords are embedded into your meta tags, page titles and descriptions which help Google and other search engines organize and rank information, which will increase click-throughs and drive traffic for your website.

Off-page Optimization – Link building builds “votes” to your website and improves your site’s credibility and rank in search engine algorithms. Your company’s website “Trust Rank” and “Page Rank,” both terms coined by Google, are very important. Effective link building through diverse outlets such as partner sites, articles, press releases, bookmarking, blogs, reference sites, and more are the most critical factors in achieving search marketing success.

seo as a tactic

The new seo


Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate 15%
Percentage of the links that search users click on are organic 70%
Percentage of users that ignore paid ads & focus on organic results 75%
Percentage of online experiences that begin with a search engine 93%
Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites (websites, blogs, etc.)