What Are They Saying About You? – Tip#3


Listen intensely

As a marketing agency that offers social media marketing and management as one of our core services, here at Aiden Marketing we know and value the importance of listening to your existing customers and future customers (prospects) who are on-line.  If you aren’t listening to what your  target market is saying about your company, your competitors, and of even just simply their thoughts on similar products and/or services that you offer, then you are missing the boat in a big way!  As with anything, customers will tell you what they like, don’t like, and what additional features or benefits they would like to have; however if you aren’t listening nor asking questions for them to respond to, then how can your business effectively know what your ideal customer wants?  

Is your business listening to your customers on-line? Do you even know where your ideal customer is talking and what you should be listening to? Even if you are listening in to the on-line conversation, what are you doing with the data that you are collecting? If you are not sure how to listen via on-line platforms or what should should be listening for to help you leverage social media most effectively, then contact us at Aiden Marketing (info@aidenmarketing.com).  Also, be sure to take advantage of our FREE Social Media Audit of your business’ on-line presence – this will give you valuable insight as to how effectively you are listening and leveraging social media to generate business growth. Now, here are some key strategies on listening on-line:

Start listening for what matters to you and your potential customers:

  • Create Google Alerts  for your name, your company name, your URL, your competitors, your terms of interest.
  • Explore Google Adwords to get a sense for which terms generate the greatest number of monthly searches; calibrate that against what you know about your specific customers and marketplace.
  • If you want to listen based on geographic proximity, you can experiment with a Twitter tool called Monitter.
  • Don’t forget to analyze your web analytics for clues on what customers are searching for.

What should you do with the information you collect?

  • Explore the results you obtain from monitoring your searches. Some may reflect specific opportunities to address issues and ideas with customers.
  • When you can, find out more about specific circumstances so you can make improvements and communicate back with your solution.
  • Respond! See the next section for specific tips.

Be sensitive to patterns and don’t limit your listening to online. Be sure to listen offline, too, so you can absorb how customers speak or how your sales associates and service representatives interact with customers.
Once you have a better feel for the terms that properly reflect what your customers are looking for, consider using social media monitoring/ listening tools or hiring a social media marketing agency like Aiden Marketing to implement a comprehensive social media strategy to help grow your business.

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Aiden Marketing is a premier, full-service marketing agency built to stimulate business growth. We create, design and promote brands and their assets using creative innovation strategies to build brand equity and to foster positive growth results.  We offer emerging inbound marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing solutions that communicate messages effectively, spark engaging conversations with consumers, and generate sales growth for our clients in a multicultural society, with a focus on being the best in terms of value, customer service, employee talent and corporate leadership.  Visit us at www.aidenmarketing.comto take your business to the next level!


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