Content Marketing Is King – Part I

Content Marketing Is King – Part I

When it comes to inbound marketing, the single most important factor is providing frequent, quality content to your target audience. It’s important to point out that the content you develop should not be rooted in trying to sell a product or service that your business offers, but rather in selling your company’s brand to prospects who have potential to become customers. It’s a known fact that people are more apt to buy from people and companies they like and trust; therefore, quality content marketing done on a frequent, consistent basis for your target audience to consume establishes a familiarity of your brand with the prospect. Think of building awareness and familiarity with your brand, via different types of remarkable content marketing, as the foundation of establishing your business as a trusted resource.

Wouldn’t you like to be at the top of the list of potential business your ideal customer would buy from? Then, you’ll need to create and curate a multi-mix of content, as part of implementing an inbound marketing strategy, that will attract your target audience and help build a “trust” relationship that can helps convert prospects into customers. At the end of the day, every business wants more customers and to increase revenues and inbound marketing, with the quality content infused, helps you to accomplish this goal successfully.

Before we go any further, keep this rule in every aspect of implementing your inbound marketing strategy and developing your content: RULE #1: Don’t Build On Rented Land – Just as it wouldn’t make financial sense to build a house on land that you don’t own (as ownership of the land can be much more valuable that the house), you will always want to publish your best content on “owned media” such as web properties that you own (i.e. The key is to get as many prospects back to your website so that you can convert them. If you understand the impact of following this rule as it relates to inbound marketing, then you can see why it is never a good idea for any business to establish it’s primary web presence / online storefront on any social media platform (rented land). Social media is to be used as a tool to build awareness; engage your online community of customers, prospects, and brand ambassadors; and serve as a lead generation source to drive traffic to your website where people can consume your content offerings and get converted to your desired action (i.e. make a purchase, sign-up for an email list, schedule a demo, etc.) If your content is worth sharing, you will reap the benefits of an increased number of inbound links, which will help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your inbound web traffic, and your visitor loyalty. Social media is an integrated component of inbound marketing that should be used to promote your content, and when you use tracked links, it helps you business to determine which social media marketing platforms render the best results for your brand.

Here are the different types of content that you can leverage in your inbound marketing strategy:

  • Blog posts are an excellent medium to provide fresh content, When composing blog articles, keep this tip in mind: Rule #2: Write what people want to ready — not what you want to write! Your content should always have your target audience in mind — it’s NOT about you or your company, it’s about them (the prospect or customer who is consuming your content).
  • Videos are fairly inexpensive to create and host, and offer the ability to inform, educate, and entertain at the same time. Platforms like YouTube offer a fast and easily consumable way to promote an idea, syndicate your video content, or help to bring a prospect further down the sales funnel.
  • Webinars on timely, interesting topics and useful how-tos are a great way to generate leads. By hosting informative webinars, you provide interested individuals and companies the opportunity to interact with you in real time which helps to build credibility. Be sure to record your webinars for repurposing later. You can also repurpose your webinar content into sections that can be used for blog posts.
  • Podcasts are a great add to your content mix for those in your audience who prefer audio. It’s easy and low cost to make an audio file. You could simply record yourself reading your blog posts into an audio file or interview a panel of experts on a particular topic.
  • E-books, which are electronic alternatives to printed books, can be a highly effective marketing tool. As you can imagine, producing an eBook requires quite a bit of time and resources, but it can also be a great opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader. E-books can be promoted via email blasts through industry-specific communities.

As you proceed with identifying the content mix that your business will use to attract your target audience, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that the meaning of “quality content” is really defined by its value to the intended target audience. Creating and distributing compelling and remarkable content as a part of your inbound marketing strategy will help your business to attract quality prospects, convert prospects into leads, and convert leads into customers. Not sure where to start with your inbound marketing strategy? Contact our AidenMarketing team at — Additionally, we’d like to offer you a FREE Content Marketing Strategies – Keys to the Kingdom White Paper.

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