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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art of expressing ideas into visual and textual content. The use of pictures, text and graphic forms can effectively communicate practically any message one can conceive. What’s important is the experience. Why? Graphic design is virtually a part of every facet of our lives. The packaging of your favorite soap, every sign above a business, restaurant menus, business cards, road signs, etc., the representation and message is conveyed through graphic design. These graphic messages have to give the potential customer a “good experience” in order to “appeal” to them and assist their purchasing decision to sway in your favor.

We use our in-house graphic design resources to directly infuse the personality of your business into its products or services, ensuring brand recognition and long-term success. Here at Aiden Marketing we take great pride in helping our clients to define the visual metaphors that articulate the promise of their brand. Take pride in your business by partnering with us and have your brand represented in the best possible light.


How Can Graphic Design Help My Business?

We emphatically go into every project with the intention to deliver real value and reliable results that inherently further your business objectives. Much of today’s marketing focuses primarily on the digital space. Business websites, social media, blogging and mobile apps all require the attention of good graphic design. That’s not to say television, posters and event flyers require any less attention. We are in the middle of a Digital Revolution and he who has the best looking roads in and around the information super highway become the roads well traveled. So the question then becomes whether you want to be a path that gets skimmed over like everybody else, or a major road with miles of content that engages prospects through every step of their buying journey?



Corporate identity generally refers to items that reinforce your company’s image and brand, which range from business cards to the design of your logo, your letterhead, envelopes, and other company stationery. Consistency in your marketing collateral is an important element in building a recognizable brand for your business.



First impressions are everything. A beautifully laid out catalog will always make your business more inviting and strengthen the brand. A brochure is like the equivalent of your website’s “about us” page. Strategic design can get the message across and ensure that your target audience is nothing less than impressed.


Online Assets

We are well versed in the development of interactive media to support your business online. We address your marketing objectives by examining your target audience and create the necessary assets for online growth. We can design your site, blogs, email blasts, e-Books, infographics and social media campaigns.

Graphic-design-service-P-N-G-MD-DC-VAWhy Is Graphic Design So Important?

Graphic design is important because it can help to communicate an idea effectively and efficiently. When markets become saturated and competitive it can help compete for attention. It can help establish identity and influence perception. It is also important to note, that it is so interwoven in society, it can help change people’s lives, their ideas, and habits.

Thoughtful design can amplify your brand’s promise and become planted in the thoughts and consideration of your clients. At Aiden Marketing we have the experience to create designs that foster customer engagement and drive revenue performance.

Need Graphic Design?

We can help customize your identity and effectively deliver the message your company wants to communicate.

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Graphic Solutions for Businesses

Corporate Identity

corporate-branding-MD-DC-VAWho are you and why should people take notice?

The persona and identity of your company tells a lot to your target market, existing customers and the general public at large. A strong sense of branding identity is essential in making your company recognizable. Having a visual identity can be achieved through a variety of methods and mediums, such as company logos and colors, advertising and a consistent type of imagery used across your brand.

Our team can assist you in promoting your company’s ‘personality’ and corporate identity, with the creation and implementation of custom graphic design.

logo-design-MD-DC-VALogo Design

A great logo design must be a memorable representation of your business identity as it holds the credibility and loyalty of your business.

You want your logo to be unique and innovative as well as simple yet highly recognizable. Our graphic design team will provide you with a logo that will inspire confidence in your brand and visually engage their loyalty. Additionally, we believe a well designed logo should work no matter where it is being used, whether it be on business cards, websites or billboards and should yield instant recognition to your business.


business-cards-MD-DC-VABusiness Cards

You only get one first impression; make it count! Your potential client will instantly determine whether or not they will contact you again by the look and feel portrayed by your business card the moment you hand it to them. Our graphic design team designs business cards with the focus of having them make a positive impact on everyone who receives one. Your business cards will feature a unique design and you may choose from a variety of card sizes, paper stock, and optional finishes that will best fit your needs.



When it comes to reflecting your business, having professionally designed letterhead stationery  is imperative.  Establishing a solid first impression of your brand via your company’s stationery is important when dealing with current or potential clients. Our graphic design team will ensure that your business image remains consistent, professional and reflects your company’s identity.

Catalogs / Brochures

catalog-brochure-icon-170x170Catalogs & Brochures

A well produced booklet or catalog can help your business win new clients and gain credibility. Our graphic design team understands that in order for your business to stand out it has to be instantly distinguishable even when the design of your logo is not visible on every page. We leverage our expertise in branding to create solutions that help your business succeed.

High quality brochures are an important asset to your business that bridges the gap between marketing and sales. The purpose of a brochure is to inform clientele of your products and services and to showcase what your offering. Our innovative graphic design practices ensure that each brochure we design for you is driven by the same passion that you have for your business. The result is that your company stands out from your competitors.

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Share your message and attract new customers with innovative advertisements. Our staff will walk you through the process of creating an advertising campaign for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as print and other traditional forms of advertising. A range of design styles can be used that aligns with your brand and best represents your company.

aiden marketing DMR11
aiden marketing DMR12
aiden marketing DMR10


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banner-display-MD-DC-VABanners & Displays

Highly visible banners can be used for trade shows, events, and promotional displays. Our graphic design team understands how banners can work to do more than just shout a name, a brand or a message. We design banners that build your brand with your target audience and help your company stand out from the competition. We can also design step & repeats to include your brand and partners at your sponsored events.



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Promote your products and services with posters that motivate potential clients and inspire your existing ones. Get your message across effectively and leave them wanting more. This is an easy way to promote your company as well as build your brand before and during an event.




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Presentation Folders

presentation-folder-MD-DC-VAPresentation Folders

The utilization of sharp, functional presentation folders when delivering your materials reinforces branding for your company as being professional, organized and more importantly, considerate. This is what engages interest and fosters loyalty.




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Media Kit / Magazine

media-kit-magazine-design-MD-DC-VAMedia Kits & Magazines

Media kits can be a simple page on a company’s website or a complex package of information. It provides the company’s official name, mission, and value statement as well as leadership biographies. It Contains information about the company’s history, function, and all necessary contact information.

Digital magazines have gained enormous popularity and the industry continues to develop and grow. We can develop “e-zines” with interactive capabilities to increase the level of engagement with the consumer.


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For businesses that understand the value of

Infographics, E-Books, and Whitepapers


The Challenge

The number one challenge most businesses face today is the creation of compelling content. Well designed content has turned traditional posting and blogging into captivating visual experiences. While style doesn’t directly generate sales, it would be unwise to overlook design’s ROI, since it keeps your brand relevant and attracts attention—two battleships you must have in today’s media ocean.




Information graphics or “infographics” are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.




An electronic book (e-book) is a book-publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers or other electronic devices. A great marketing tool for prospects to educate themselves about your product or service when offline.



White Papers

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.



Business Blogging

A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or shareable information published on the web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) which typically expresses the views and thought leadership of an individual or a group on any given topic.

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