INFOGRAPHIC: Small Business Networking Online

Is your small business networking online?  Networking with your customers, target audience of prospects, and sources of referrals online involves your company’s participation in various online marketing mediums.  This includes having a company website, participation on social media marketing platforms, online forums, blogging, and much more.  Our social media marketing and management team at Aiden Marketing found this great infographic from Manta who surveyed over 600 small business owners from across the country to gain their perspective about using online and social media marketing channels.  At Aiden Marketing, we find that businesses come to our full-service marketing agency for assistance because the large amount of online and social media channels available (and the required knowledge and time to do online marketing and social media marketing effectively) can be overwhelming for today’s small business owner to navigate and use successfully.

Check out the infographic below and we’d like to point out one key take-a-way that you should keep in mind as you look to grow your business by engaging more online to reach prospects and your customers: 25 % of small businesses surveyed say their company website drives the most business for them. This lines right up with what we believe, at Aiden Marketing, in relation to a company’s online presence — your company website is the “car” that has the ultimate power to convert prospects into customers (sales) and social media is the “high-octane fuel” to the car that gets people to the “car” (drives traffic to your website) so that they can take a test drive (learn more about your products and services on-line) before they make a purchase (buy). A website needs to not just exist — it needs to PERFORM!!  If your company website and social media marketing efforts are in need of a “tune-up”, contact our team via email at

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