Website Traffic Metrics & Content Marketing Success

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Website Traffic Metrics & Content Marketing Success

We live in the age of technology. If there’s not a program capable of tracking something, there’s probably an app! So how do we measure content marketing success? Both B2B and B2C companies report website traffic as the number one metric they use to measure content success. With so many metrics at your virtual fingertips, how do you sort out the weeds and focus on your prized plant?

Step #1: Count and Categorize Your Visitor

Microsoft and Apple are the two largest operating system programs in the world. In the simplest terms, how did they become the giants of today’s PC technology? They sold the most.

In order for your content marketing and website to be successful, strength comes in numbers. How many visitors land on your website in a day, week, or month? How many of those visitors are unique?

Successful content will create a steady stream of visitors. It will attract new users while retaining return visitors. The key is to monitor your traffic metrics.

Step #2: Check the Bounce Rate

Have you ever landed on a website and clicked the “back” button as quickly as you landed? You bounced!

The bounce rate of your website provides valuable information. If many unique visitors are bouncing, there is an issue in need of attention. Visitors usually bounce for two reasons:

  1. The webpage took too long to load.
  2. The content wasn’t relevant or expected.

A high or rising bounce rate indicates a possible content issue. Watch this metric carefully. You should check the speed of your load times, and review your content. Are people bouncing because it’s too short, too lengthy, or just irrelevant to the link bait that brought them there?

Step #3: Where Are They Coming From?

Analytical software makes it simple to discover the geographic location of your visitors and the type of device they used to consume your content. You can glean valuable information from this data, including:

  • Where your visitors originate
  • How well you are placing on local search
  • Whether your website is adequately responsive

Geographic and device data can alert you to trends and inadequacies. For example, if mobile views are down or declining, investigate your content on a mobile device. Does it display properly? Are there glitches? Can it be improved to promote functionality?

Step #4: Monitoring Visitor Activities

What do visitors do on your website? Successful content will motivate and lead them to action. Metrics to monitor include the number of visitors who:

  • Subscribe to your email list
  • Sign up for your RSS feeds
  • Request other business or purchase information via email, chat or a contact form
  • Actively use links and forms found within your content
  • Call your business after visiting your website

Website metrics are powerful tools. The data they collect can assist in determining the success of your content. It will allow you to test new types and approaches. Ultimately, website traffic metrics provide the power to transform your content into a super successful, productive marketing tool.


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