Connect Content Marketing ROI to the Bottom Line

Connecting Content Marketing to the Bottom Line

Connect Content Marketing ROI to the Bottom Line

How do you track content marketing ROI? If we were to ask ten executives from ten different companies this question, we would likely receive ten unique answers. In truth, there is only one wrong way to track ROI, and that is not to track it. As an avid ROI tracker, you’re staring at unique and daunting challenge. Which metrics/KPIs should drive your tracking regiment? Are some more important than others?

The 3 Crucial Content Questions to Ask

Content is only worth the investment when it produces a return. Certain types of content will produce higher returns versus others. How can you connect to the bottom line accurately? First, you need to ask three major questions regarding your content marketing strategy:

  1. Is your web content driving sales?
  2. Does it help saving money?
  3. Is your content marketing strategy helping with client retention and overall satisfaction?

The answers to these questions are found in the data. The trick is knowing which metrics to check.

Discovering the Bottom Line

ROI can be tracked via a myriad of metrics. Content is somewhat tougher to gage effectiveness because of its nature. It is the journey your audience undertakes to arrive at your doorstep as a buyer. The journey is either a success or a failure, and you can tell which by studying four metrics:

  1. Consumption Metrics: Analytic programs, like Google Analytics, reveal consumption metrics. The relevant KPI metrics include total visits, unique visits, time spent on site, bounce rate, downloads, and cost-per-visitor. Look for measurable data that displays how often your content is being consumed and how the user is reacting—where do they go, what do they click, and do they convert into a tangible lead?


  1. Lead Generation Metrics: How much does a lead cost? Is your content saving money or turning lead generation into a more expensive process? How can you tell? You can study your lead generation metrics in detail.


  1. Sharing Metrics: The quickest indication of a happy audience is a sharing audience. Social media metrics are difficult to quantify as a dollar value, but they’re important. High share metrics indicate a happy audience. A happy audience increases your exposure, thus increasing your lead generation potential.


  1. Sales Metrics: Your best look at monetary value is found in your sales metrics. Look beyond conversation rates to your actual sales-close rates. Leverage your CRM system reports. Over time, you’ll see what type of content is generating consistent and high dollar sales. Beef this content type, and your content marketing plan will grow increasingly efficient and cost effective.


Gain an Inbound Marketing Ally

The world of content is a jungle. People are bombarded with information on a daily basis. The value your content offers will shape the success of your business. Isn’t it time you found an ally in the fight? Aiden Marketing is a full service inbound marketing agency driven by ROI. Who better to back your content marketing plan than a ROI driven agency specializing in effective, efficient, content focused marketing? Learn more about our services today. Together, we’ll travel the road to high profile success.

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