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Elevate your outreach efforts and create impactful experiences for potential members, volunteers, or donors.

Compel your audience.


Outdated ways of marketing, like traditional methods that don’t target specific groups and are used on platforms such as social media and email newsletters, are making people unhappy and putting financial pressure on nonprofits, associations, and schools.


Get the most out of your marketing budget by using Aiden Marketing’s Campaign Implementation service. It’s a stress-free, low-risk 6-month package that delivers great results for your organization.

Data Integration StrategyData Integration Strategy

Increase your online presence and drive awareness for your organization and its mission.

Targeted Outreach Campaigns
Increase mission awareness and personalize impact messaging to prospects wherever — or however — they’re online.

Target Audience

Targeting and Segmenting
Identifying your target audience is key for delivering effective messages that resonate with the right people.

A Centralized View Of Information
Consolidate marketing and donor data into one platform for insights to understand, address prospect needs for better decision making.

Increase Visibility of Key Audiences Across Any Channel.

A single view of information across all channels, enables you to target your key segment audience.

See Data Strategy

Customer Acquisition StrategyAcquisition Strategy

Improve the size and quality of your constituent database.

Engagement Campaigns
Attract donations,  secure recurring donors, obtain large gifts, corporate donors, and sponsorships.

Lead nurturing

Nurture Campaigns
Similar to the welcome series, reinforce the organization’s core purpose and aim to strengthen relationships.


Triggered Campaigns
Track prospect actions and provide timely and relevant communication at the right time and right channel.

Gain New Supporters, In Effective And Efficient Ways.

Learn how to improve your engagement by personalizing your communication.

See Acquisition Strategy

Customer Experience StrategyExperience Strategy

Motivate people to take action: spread the word, contribute, expand your group.



Recognition Campaigns
Show appreciation to donors by recognizing milestones, special occasions, and thanking them for their contributions.


On-boarding Campaigns
A series of purposeful communications sent over the first few weeks of a member joining your organization


Re-Engagement Campaigns
Target donors who have decreased engagement to win them back through targeted campaigns.


Win-back Campaigns
Focus on donors who have temporarily lapsed or not renewed their contribution to encourage them to re-engage.

Create a Seamless and Personalized Experience.

Learn how to  make sure all donors and members feel appreciated and gain more value in return.

See Experience Strategy

Analytics and ReportingAnalytics Strategy

Identify what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and which parts could use some tweaking.

Data Analytics Reporting Strategy

Measure and Analyze Campaign Performance
Automated tools provide up-to-date data and analytics for analyzing campaigns for improving future efforts.

Marketing Insights
Show appreciation to donors by recognizing milestones, special occasions, and thanking them for their contributions.

Measure And Analyze Campaign Performance.

Learn how to stop guessing and embrace a more efficient and organized marketing approach!

See Analytics Strategy

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We deeply value dedication, delivering quality work, treating individuals with utmost respect, exceeding expectations, and attaining remarkable results. Explore the diverse range of nonprofits we have had the pleasure of assisting below.


African American Male Engagement Case Study

Website Design and Newsletters to Maintain Engagement with Contacts.

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St Vincent Head Start Case Study

30-day Winter Open House campaign, Enrolled 20 Parents and 48 Potential Leads Generated.

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Polished Pebbles Website Case Study

Website Redesign + Inbound Marketing Increase Awareness and Donor Engagement.

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US-Dream-Academy Nonprofit Case Study

After-School Program Increased Mentor Recruitment by 34% and Enrolled 250 Mentors.

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Client Testimonials

  • In my experience working with the Aiden Marketing team, we were able to meet a finite need within budget. We reached our short term goals with Aiden’s help. I would recommend Aiden Marketing on a scale of 10 out of 10.  
    Michelle Boyle, St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, VP - Development and Marketing
  • I did work with Aiden during the past year and I can unequivocally state that they are very hard workers and on top of their game. They are always accessible as well.
    Jack Bragin, Boca Beauty Academy
  • The content marketing was awesome. As a small non-profit organization, it was awesome to have professional digital marketing services added to my infrastructure via Aiden Marketing. It helped to build our capacity as a business.
    Kelly Fair, Founder & Executive Director, Polished Pebbles
  • Other website designers who I asked to closely look at our website critically for comments mentioned that the overall appearance was very elegant and attractive, and the hook-up with the payment platform was efficiently done. Consequently, I am pleased to recommend Aiden Marketing for both design for advertising, and website development.
    Ray Carrier - VP & Operations Manager, EZ Bike Rides
  • "This will surely separate me from my competitors and drive a lot of traffic to my business. Aiden Marketing is the best! I would recommend them to anyone who's looking to grow a business brand. I will be doing more business with this company. Thanks again!
    Quintin Moody - CEO/Pres, World Class Auto Detail
  • "The website design makeover that Aiden Marketing provided for us, along with social media management services, generated a 70% increase in leads for our DNA paternity and immigration services."
    Noelle Johnson - Director of Marketing, BRT Laboratories, Inc.