A Brand’s Social Media Connections Help Grow Revenues

Did you know that fans of brands are 51% more likely to make a purchase when they have social media connections with a brand or its products?  What’s the power of social sharing buttons added to a product or service  featured on your website? — When you include social sharing option to “send to a friend” you can increase the spread of awareness of your product or service by 98%!!

As emphasized in one of previous blog titles, Social Media Is More Than Likes & Follows ! — Building a visual and content-rich online presence where your brand is building social media communities that are actively engaging current and prospective customers is essential. As an inbound marketing strategy, social media marketing gives you the ability to connect with people in a way no other outbound channels can not do — social media connections are a direct link to the pulse of consumers.

As conveyed in this great infographic from Social Annex, social media allows brands to make social media connections with consumers and collect great data intelligence on their attitudes and thoughts about a product or service. When you add in the social media engagement, couple with social share and social login functionality, a brand has the ability to positively drive and grow their revenues by using social media marketing.  If you need help with maximizing your social media efforts, be sure to take advantage of our FREE 1-Hour Marketing Strategy Consultation for your business — click on the offer just below the infographic to take advantage of this special offer that is available for a LIMITED TIME.


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