5 Overlooked Benefits of Buyer Personas for Business Growth


Discover the Important Benefits of Identifying Buyer Personas Before Starting Any Marketing Effort.

While many marketers, CEOs, and C-Suite executives have heard of buyer personas, it is very surprising that many businesses still have not taken the time to identify and develop buyer personas for the ideal customers that they would like to buy their products and services. There is a lot of helpful information online about how to create a buyer persona; however, today, we’re sharing 5 benefits of buyer personas for business growth to help you understand why they are so important.

If your business wants to grow its revenues and have successful digital marketing campaigns that impact bottom line growth, then buyer personas need to be integrated into your campaigns from the very first stage of planning.


What Is A Buyer Persona? – Buyer Persona Defined

Buyer persona development details


What Is A Buyer Persona? – Buyer Persona Defined

According to the Buyer Persona Institute, a buyer persona is an archetype – a composite picture of the real people who buy, or might buy, the products or services like the ones that your business sells.

Tony Zambito, founder, and creator and founder of buyer persona development and buyer insight, advises that buyer personas have nothing to do with profiling and everything to do with actual buyer behavior. Zambito emphasizes that telling the story of buyers today requires the fundamental basics of qualitative storytelling: <who, what, where, when, how, and why.

Per Zambito, buyer personas are research-based archetypal (modeled) representations of:

    • Who buyers are
    • What they are trying to accomplish
    • What goals drive their behavior
    • How they think
    • How they buy
    • Why they make buying decisions
    • Where they buy
    • When buyers decide to buy


5 Benefits of Buyer Personas


We live in a buyer-centric world today so understanding your buyers is critical! Developing buyer personas help marketers to develop messaging and content marketing that will be more effective in attracting your target audience of ideal customers than using vague, general copy that doesn’t really connect to prospects. When the needs, desires, pain points, challenges, drivers, goals, and preferences of your ideal buyers are identified and understood, members of the marketing team, along with the sales team, can move past just looking at customers as data points and start to look at them as people for whom the marketing department can develop hyper-personalized messaging.


Buyer Persona Benefits for Business Growth:

  1. Enables your company to identify with and understand your ideal customers (the people you want to have as customers).
  2. Provides insight to your sales team on the way buyers will most likely react and behave during the purchasing process; allowing sales to be better prepared and equipping them to have more meaningful conversations with customers at every stage of the funnel.
  3. Helps to identify ways to overcome common objections, misconceptions, and reasons for buyers not buying your product or service.
  4. Improves sales and marketing alignment when both the marketing and sales teams are involved in the development of the personas.
  5. Enables segmentation of your marketing campaigns, with targeted, personalized messaging for the intended buyer personas that will produce better results and ROI.


Most importantly, leveraging buyer personas will help your business to save money and time and some of the results will be: executing marketing campaigns more effectively, generating traffic to your website, converting better-qualified leads for your sales pipeline, developing valuable content for every stage of the sales funnel for the target buyer personas, and closing more deals — all which can lead to increased revenue for your business.


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