Success Starts with A Written Content Marketing Strategy

Success Starts with A Written Content Marketing Strategy

My neighbor has an immaculate lawn. It’s not just gorgeously green. It’s perfectly landscaped with stunning flowerbeds, a birdbath, and statues. Her flowers are the talk of the neighborhood every spring. At first, I was envious because no matter how hard I tried to keep up with my lawn, I failed, miserably. Until one day, in a fleeting conversation while retrieving the newspaper, my neighbor said she had to find her lawn list. My ears perked right up. She had a list? It was a light bulb moment. The difference between her success and mine came down a written list.

Working in the B2B and B2C industries is an amazing feat. We’ve all been the fledgling startup, and we’ve all looked at our “neighbor” with a tinge of jealousy over their visible success. We’ve hammered away at our own, and felt second-rate in comparison. Success in the world of business starts with a written content marketing strategy. Yet, 48 percent of businesses don’t write their strategy down!


If you’re in the 48 percent, don’t fret. We’ve all been there. The trick is getting out and staying out.

Write it OUT!

35% of organizations that experienced unrivaled success from their content had a written marketing strategy. Why write it out?

  • A written strategy provides visible goals with definition.
  • A tangible strategy allows for analysis and adaptation.
  • Written strategies are more likely to be followed.

Let’s go back to my lawn for a moment. I had every intention of keeping up with the yard work and watering the flowers, but I didn’t. I inevitably forgot, and the flowers perished. I’d forget to check the weather report, and I’d miss my window of opportunity to mow before the grass became unruly. I even ended up with patches of dead grass because I forgot to pick up the kids’ toys. I had the intention, but intentions are not actions.

A written content strategy turns intent into action. It also holds us accountable to those actions. It gives us a reference point and a means of returning after a set period to analyze whether the plan works. Then, we adjust as needed.

A content plan that exists solely in our head lacks everything. We can’t adequately share it with our team. We can’t act on it. We can’t improve upon it. We just hope for green grass and gorgeous flowers.

Get Your Keys to the Kingdom

We live in the age of content marketing. It’s the number one tool driving online, even offline, conversion. Content is king, especially when it comes to inbound marketing. People want original, valuable content. They want benefits! They want the human experience. And they want it all from your business.

Here at Aiden Marketing, we’ve tireless worked to forge the keys to the kingdom. Our goal is your success. If you’re ready to unlock the limitless potential of your business, grab a free copy of our whitepaper – your set of keys to the Kingdom of Content Success.

Does your company have a written content marketing strategy? If so, please share how it’s been of benefit. If not, then let us know why. What’s your biggest content marketing challenge? We encourage you to leave a comment or question below and our team will reply.

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